A large column of armored vehicles from Russia, which was heading in the direction of Debaltseve city, was detected in the night of August 10. The number of Russian troops were moving in the column was not less then a brigade. According to the intelligence there remains the tendency to aggravation of the situation at the front. Significant increase in the number of the enemy's firings (including mortar attacks) over the Ukraine Defense Forces positions proves this tendency.

Now there are no doubts regarding Moscow's aggressive plans towards Ukraine in the nearest future. Russia conducting intensive training and improvement of its army; concentrates its forces along the border with Ukraine and in the north part of the occupied Crimean peninsula by creating a kind of arc of military bases and military camps; its intelligence is conducting constant aerial reconnaissance on the border with the Kherson region and in the Mariupol area. It also could be seen in the recent Russia's attempts to accuse Ukraine in allegedly preparing a series of terrorist attacks in the occupied peninsula, which, according to official Moscow, could be considered as a reason to start a full-scale invasion.

Considering the statement by the Russia's Foreign Ministry on the refusal of the "Normandy format" of negotiations, it appears the nationalists predictions have come true and Poroshenko's "peace plan on resolving the conflict in the Donbass" is failed with a crash and this proves once again, that all these steps "in the name of keeping peace" taken to the detriment of national interests as well as the plan of returning of the occupied territories through endless negotiation with an aggressor - is an utopia, opium for the nation. 

Let's see what the Ukrainian side has got from the Minsk process for this three years? A small respite, during which we had continued to lose our soldiers and which the authorities have spent inefficiently in general - neither real steps on improvement of armament nor real reforms have not been implemented for this time. 

And now let's compare the above with Moscow's achievements in this area - first, the Kremlin has managed to legitimize the terrorists due to the "Minsk format;" its forces in the Donbass have been continuing to fire over the Ukraine's defenders positions;  Moscow has enormously increased its military power along the Ukraine-Russia border for this years. 

Now we see the results of such games in the pacification of the aggressor. The point is that this result has been clearly obvious not only for the Ukrainian nationalists, but for almost every participant of that war.

Source: AzovPress