On August 3 all we marked the anniversary since the birth of an outstanding activist of the Ukrainian nationalist movement - Andriy "Orest" Kozyubchik, who died a hero's death defending his Fatherland on the battlefields of Donbass on August 17, 2014.

Orest was one of the founders of the Right Sector, one of those, who had managed to consolidate separate nationalist groups into a joint movement in attempt to redirect the Maidan's protest towards the right side.

Remembering the fallen heroes people usually say many pathos words, but they often talk beside the point. This is the wrong approach, and a huge mistake since erroneous approaches are always lead to false conclusions.

Orest had seen a lot of thing in his life, much more than most of us have seen.

However, Orest doesn't saw those, who have replaced Yanukovych's thieves; he doesn't saw those new attempts to hold LGBT parades in the center of the saint city of Kyiv; he doesn't saw that shameless glorification of Savchenko, or treacherous "agreements" with the terrorists and many other things...

All these had happened after he passed away.

Our sacred duty is to do our best to defend, what Orest others had been fighting for! It is usually said: "We honour the memory and continue the struggle," so now we must more concentrate on the second part of this expression, rather on the first one!

By saying "Kingdom of Heaven to you, dear comrade" we can be sure that he is really there! Because as our ancestors used to say - slaves are not welcomed on the Heaven, but warriors are!

The struggle continues!

Source Zentropa Ukraine