A Ukrainian nationalist opinion on the recent news of the Azov regiment has been withdrawn from Mariupol. Recall, on August 26 the news appeared that the Azov regiment, which is now a part of the National Guard of Ukraine was withdrawn from the city of Mariupol to the Zaporizhia region according to the NGU General Staff. It is worth saing, that Mariupol and its outskirts (the M-sector) has became one of strongholds of the Ukrainian resistance to the Kremlin's terrorists, that has been provided mostly by volunteer military formations. On this matter we offer you an article by the modern Ukrainian right philosopher Igor Zagrebelny, entitled "The volunteer movement - a victim of Ukraine's insubjectivity."

As all we know the Azov regiment has been withdrawn from Mariupol, even despite the despite a significant deterioration of the situation at the frontline. It is hard to concider such the General Staff's step in other way, then as another measure, aimed at further elimination the factor of volunteer units.

Why the volunteers are so disadvantageous for the government? Because they are a kind of stick in the wheels of geopolitical course of minimal subjectivity, that today's elites are implementing. Those people, who have joined the volunteer military units, in fact, have chosen the way of a military struggle, while mr. Poroshenko proclaimed himself a "president of peace." We have to understand clear, that this concept of "peace" provides the rejection of the sate sovereignty and obedient following the counter-national agreements, have been "agreed at the international level."

The current situation with the Azov regiment should be considered in the context of complex of measures on destruction the Ukrainian military volunteer movement as a phenomenon. And "a package of measures to alleviate the ongoing war in the Donbass region of Ukraine," adopted in February 2015 in Minsk has became a starting point in this process. Its tenth point provides "all illegal groups." A little later, it appeared that it were Ukrainian volunteer battalions meant under those "illegal groups," not the terrorists.

After prolonged pressure the General Staff has managed to withdraw the Right Sector and the OUN battalion from the village of Peski. Then there was an incident with blockage of the Right Sector Volunteer Corps military base combined with numerous campagains against the volunteers in media.

The Azov regiment hasn't become an exemption even despite its legal status. Ad it was quite predictable since the regiment's core consists of ideologically motivated people, who clearly do not want to be actors in plays, which scripts have been writen outside Ukraine.

The phenomenon of modern Ukrainian volunteer movement it's an opposition to the policy of minimal geopolitical subjectivity, which, as was noted above, provides that Ukraine must abandon its state soveregnity. At the same time, there are thousands of daredevils willing to protect this sovereignty by cost of their own blood. While there is no a hint on complete subjectivity in the official Kyiv's actions, we can see it the battlefields of Donbass, actions of those, who beats the enemy, spitting on  treacherous orders and groundless "international agreements." In general Ukrainian sovereignty today is concentrated in courage and adherence to principles demonstrated by our soldiers: in desperate raids by our sabotage and reconnaissance groups; in "unsacntioned" shellings upon the enemy's positions; or in larger operations like the liberation of Shirokino town.

Nevertheless, a coven struggle against the volunteer movement is continuing, which demonstrates the President's Administration unwillingness to abandon the paradigm of insubjectivity. Despite all his shortcomings Poroshenko could become a leader of a sovereign country. For this he have had to rely on Ukraine's internal forces, in particular, to work closely with the nationalists; as for external policy - it must be based on strengthening relations with those countries that are interested in strengthening of the Ukrainian state. However, he has made a bid on "partners," who are considering Ukraine as an object of neo-colonial interests. In such conditions is to be hoped that capital of sovereignty, which won the Ukrainian soldiers at the front, will be converted eventually into positive political changes in our country. It is impossible to win the war against Moscow without them!

By Igor Zagrebelny