On August 7-8 traffic on the border with the occupied Crimean peninsula been limited by the occupier's forces. Explaining their actions the Russian occupiers claimed that such measures had been undertook because of a sabotage and reconnaissance group which burst into the peninsula from non-occupied territory of Ukraine.

However, there is a version, that all the fuss was caused by a group of the Russian soldiers-deserters, who were committing a shootout by escaping from a military base in Crimea. So the traffic blocade was launched to block the way to Ukraine for the deserters.

Whatever it is, the fact remains - Russia continue intensive aerial reconnaissance across the border line with Kherson region; Moscow delivers new and new units to the occupied peninsula and concentrates them mostly in its North part. In particular the 7th Airborne Assault Division of Novorossiysk; armored group of the 247th Airborne Assault Regiment and other units, previously placed on the RF territory. Coastal missile complexes "Bastion" and "Ball" as well as air defense systems S-400 "Typhoon" were also recently delivered to the Crimea. 

As the Russia's Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu reported, in the South Military District the Russian Armed Forces have formed 4 new divisions and 9 brigades equipped with four thousand combat vehicles and aircraft. Russia creates there the 20th Army. In the Rostov region the 159th Infantry Division has been deployed. And they plans to deploy another army in that area. 

At the same time, the 10th Tank Division and the 23rd Motorized Infantry Brigade have been deployed in the Voronezh region (Central Military District). The 549th Air Base of the Russian Armed Forces is located in the village of Veliky, Voronezh region, which staff carries constant training flights at low altitudes in the nighttime. The Russian Army groups, has been deployed in this area, can be used to attack the Ukrainian forces forces currently deployed in the Lugansk area from the rear.

The 28th Motorized Infantry Brigade is currently deployed in the Bryansk region of the Central Military District.

Near Smolensk the Russians have deployed the 144 Motorized Division which includes: 1 tank regiment, 3 infantry regiments, 1 artillery regiment, 1 anti-aircraft regiment. Total staff amount is 10 thousand.

Near the northern border with Ukraine Russia is deploying the 1st Guards Tank Army.

As you can see Russia is gradually surrounding Ukraine from the north, east and south by its newly established or reorganized military units. The enemy is intensely deploys three powerful groups of ground forces. I addition Russia announced on about about 4 thousand military maneuvers to be held this year.

Thus, the intensive deploying, strengthening, upgrading and training of the enemy's forces in the occupied Crimea can be considered as just a component of the preparation process to a full-scale invasion.

Source: AzovPress