An interesting phenomenon is observed in Moscow universities - it so happened that if examining the lists credited to budgetary places the Moscow universities and colleges you could find in there mostly Caucasian surnames while native Russian students are the minority in them. Relevant documents were posted by Moscow's public activist Vladimir Losev on his Facebook page.

According to him such situation is observed in almost every Moscow's higher and secondary specialized educational institution.

Why the situation has developed in this way remains unclear, however, quite possible that the entrants from the national republics of the Russian Caucasus have higher average scores of certificates of graduating from high school and entrance exams than the Russian ones. Malicious tongues, at the same time, claim that the situation is associated with high levels of corruption in the region's education system. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the students selection system choses entrants with higher average score.

Well, what do you say dear Moscow's entrants? - Vladimir Losev asks a rhetorical question - Your budgetary places in universities and colleges are already occupied. So you better to prepare money to pay for your education, while the capital's guests (from Caucasus) will be study at public expense. As an evidence the author gives a link to the web-page of the 1st Medical Сollege of Moscow and adds - what awaits our medicine tomorrow?

Even after short inspection of the lists, links to which have been published by Losev it becomes clear, that he wrote truth and there are only a few of Russian surnames. However, it is possible that the author's panic is groundless, what if the education level in schools of the Caucasian region is higher than in other parts of the Russian Federation?

On the other hand it is quite possible that the newly enrolled students of non-Russian nationality could be residents of the Russian capital. After all, as it was proven by the Russian sociologists few years ago the representatives of titular Russian ethnicity have long been a national minority in the capital of the Russian Federation...

Source: Reconquista news