The OSCE expressed concern about the practice of "arresting and expelling foreign journalists from Ukraine." The international organisation's representative on Freedom of Information Harlem Desir wrote in a letter to Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin on the occasion of recent deportation of an employe of a Russian propagandist channel from Ukraine. 

Recall, this week a decision was adopted by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on forced expulsion of a Russian citizen, a journalist of the Russian propagandist news channel Anna Kurbatova from Ukraine for 3 years. This decision was taken "because Kurbatov activities that harm the national interests of Ukraine," reported the SBU spokesman.

Obviously, the main reason for such decision was Kurbativa's report on the Independence Day Parade, she made in Kyiv's central Kreschatik street. Speaking abot the very report, it was rather a mocking staging, during which the Russian journalist called the solemn military parade a "dependency parade," tried to mock its participants. Kurbatova had also popular cliche of Kremlin propaganda by calling the consequences of Russian invasion to Donbass and Crimea a "civil war." The Russian reporter had also mentioned the Ukrainian Antonov aviation company - which Russian media regularly report is closing - but which actually continues to build airplanes (Unfortunately, talking about Ukrainian industry - to partial stagnation of which the Russian oligarchs have contributed through the mediation of their Ukrainian colleagues - Russian propaganidists always forgot to mention that every tenth plant in Russia is on the verge of bankruptcy. This has been confirmed by recent research of the High School of Economics Russian research university.). More detailed analysis of Kurbatova report is here.

Considering such position of the OSCE representative we belive necessary to recall some facts from biography of mr. Desir. He has obtained the post of OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media this year. Former activist of the French Communist League radical left organisation. In 1998 he was convicted for misuse of public funds to an 18 months suspended sentence.

Earlier, similar fuss around two Spanish journalists Antonio Pampliega and Angel Sastre was raised by journalists' rights defenders. Both the journalists had been working in the conflict zone at Donbass and represented the events from the terrorists side.