Several thousand Georgian nationalists took part in a demonstration in Tbilisi,  main requirement of which was to prohibit the activities of George Soros's structures in Georgia.

It's encouraging to note that the Georgian patriots have no illusions gerarding Soros's fundation and understand well how destructive they are for European countries: the invasion of migrants, aggressive leftism, imposition of the LGBT ideology and support for neo-communist, alt-left groups. Therefore, they are right, believing that it's not only cosmopolitan Russia who threats to Georgia and its people, but also the above mentioned neo-globalist.

It must be recalled that there's a lot of people in the US - the country has become a situational homeland for Soros - who aren't delighted of activities of his foundation. Nearly 150,000 Americans signed a petition on the website of the White House demanding that George Soros be considered a terrorist.

The text of the petition states that George Soros has deliberately and continuously sought to destabilize the situation and commit other acts of violence against the United States and its citizens. Therefore, in the opinion of the American patriots, the federal government of the United States and the Ministry of Justice should immediately announce George Soros and all his organizations and their members as terrorists, as well as to confiscate all his personal property and assets. Soros stands behind a number of ultra-extremist extremist organizations, who bears responcibility for numerous pogroms, incitement to interethnic confrontation, and the destruction of the property of ordinary American citizens.