"I remember that day well, it was a match day between Odessa's Chornomorets and Metalist of Kharkiv. Many fans gathered at the stadium, everyone was waiting for the game. Suddenly, an information came that pro-Russian forces are gathering in the city center, so we hurried to the place. We were also informed that they were armed with sticks, firearms and others. The olny option for us was to arm ourselves by what we could find on our way and defend the city at any cost. The conflict reached its critical point shortly after we arrived. Shouts, explosions, blows and shots were sounding all-over the place. I remember, we had to collect paving stones and use them as a weapon. An finally we made them flee. We pursued the separatists throug the city streets. The Kulikove Pole had became a place of final battle. Dolzhenkow's rats were trying to hide behind women, passers-by, and then climbed into the City's House of Trade Unions. And again, cries, flying Molotov cocktails, shots. In one moment the building flashed like a match. Well, you know what was next - patriots - who were defending teh city - have been called murders, fascists, etc. We were standing as one that day, we had forgotten our football contarditions. We have defended Odessa, did not let fall into same trap as Donetsk. I am proud of the fact that there were so many siblings with me side by side" - from memories of the May 2 clashes participant.

On September 18, in the city of Chornomorsk, Odessa region, another court session was held on the events that took place in Odessa on May 2, 2014. In the dock were the dozen pro-Russian separatists - including a citizen of Russia - who had committed an armed attack to participants of the patriotic march For United Ukraine and provoked a conflict in the city's streets. There are many proves that the main goal, that the separatists and their Russian supervisors had been aiming that day, was to implement in Odessa same scenario they had implemented earlier in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The court verdict has shocked the public - all twenty separatists, members of the so-called Captain Cacao's Gang have been released. Despite numerous photo and video evidences, the Chornomorsk city court stated that there is no conclusive evidence of the guilt of Serhit Dolzhenkow and other separatists. The prosecution hadn't even tryed to prove the defendants' guilt.

It was also noted in the case file that "pro-Russian activists" were actually "attacked by armed to the teeth pro-Ukrainian activists," who had tattoos in the form of "swastika." What's more absurdos is that only one policeman from a hundred of those were at service at the same day had been questioned during the hearings. But the culmination of was the announcement of a sentence, which has completely dispelled all hopes for objectivity and belief in the rule of law. Among other there was asserted that the defendants simply helped the policemen to defend the rule of law on that day. 

Currently, only Dolzhenkow and the RF citizen Mefiodow have been arrested repeatedly under the Article 110 "an encroachment on the territorial integrity of the country." 

Expectedly, such an adequate decision caused a wave of indignation among patriots. who were watching the course of the hearing under the court's walls. All resulted in clashes with police. 

Right after the sesion's end the separatists were took out in unknown direction by police. Noticeable, that one of the released separatists - Yevgen Grischuck - has been attacked by unknown in his native Ovidopil town. In result of the attack he was hospitalised withs erious head injury.