A concert of American rap band "Onyx" had to took place in the concert hall "Centrum" at Shota Rustaveli street in Kiev, it should be noted that this band is well known not only by its degenerative, amoral lyrics, using of obscene language and and praising unnatural sexual intercourse, but also black racism, including calls to physically destroy a representatives of white race. 

Unfortunately, even here, in the capital of Ukraine we have a rednecks, who were ready to buy a ticket to hear a songs, which call for destroy the white race. However, the Ukrainian nationalists were able to prevent the concert of American chavs in the heart of Ukraine.

A group of 25 activists have broke inside the concert hall and blocked it. The concert managers called the police. Later it was reported that the building was mined and the organisers were forced to call MOE group which started the investigation of the concert hall for the presence of explosives. Finally, at 23:30 by Kyiv's time the concert organizers announced the concert is canceled.

It should be also noted that on the eve of the event was written declaration of inadmissibility the concert of black-racists in Kyiv, but it was ignored by the organizers and the police.

There in an examples of clear black racism in Onyx's lyrics:

- Song “Getto mentalitee” from the album “All We Got Iz Us” (1995): "And start а fight, а fight, а nigga and а white / And if а nigga do not win, then we all jump in."

- Song “Purse Snatchers” from the album “All We Got Iz Us” (1995): "So we need your participation in the *Caucasian assassination." 

* Caucasian - one of the old names of a white people in the US, which was came into the English from the works of the German anthropologist 18. Johann Blumenbach