Perhaps, whole the conscious part of Ukrainian society is convinced of the importance of current elections. Of course, there are hundreds of reasons for us to come and vote. Of course, the faith of the country, its each region, city, town or village belongs from a choice we did today. Of course, we must prevent for Yanukovych's people revenge and put a tick in the ballot near some patriot's name. Of course we will vote for a "new faces," for a "way of peace" or any other slogan, created by PR-managers ... naive.

Yanukovych's government revenge been realized already when its investment projects, such as Klitschko and Yatsenyuk with their "peaceful revolution plan" were chosen as Maidan leaders by the society. Yanukovych's government revenge been realized when Nestor Shufrych, a member of Yanukovych's Party of Regions, clear ani-Ukrainian politician was saved from nationalists at Maidan by the "peaceful protest" fans. It been realized when at the end of Maidan the society has allowed a deputies of the Party of Regions and Communists to enter the house of Parliament and took part in adoption a laws of national importance, arguing that by "they must vote." Yanukovych's people have back to the government, moreover, they didn't gone. The society accepted the fact that one of the founders of Yanukovych's anti-national Party of Regions became the new president of Ukraine.
Elections in an illusion, created by an oligarchy and party bosses, who throw a money into its regional organisations once in a few years do they simulate a "hard work for the good of society and the country."

Illusion is created by media, civic organisations or separate public activists, who receive their salary for rising the theme of elections into the society, they write an articles, they talk about a scandals into political life of the country. Of course, your voice is extremely important for the fate of your country, region, city of village, you must come and vote for one of a marionettes.

It is perfectly clear that neither the elections, nor a particular voice not gonna change in current situation. Democracy is an illusion, elections is a lottery and a winner in which is not the one, who buy a lottery ticket, but those who announce the results. Elections in just a tool for the internal occupation regime, to maintain its legitimacy in the society's eyes. 

And when you publicly express your outrage on the deterioration of living conditions, the deteriorating economic situation in the country, defeatist tactics in external policy, agreements with the state enemies the government will says that 99% percent of population voted him and this is the reflection of the people's will. They consider you not for a man, but only 0,000000000000000001% in election statistics. This is democracy, my friend.  

We fought for changing the political system, but it didn't happen. The same persons are hiding behind new masks, our revolution wasn't finished! 

Ukrainian text by Мукачівський Повстанець