Dmytro Yarosh: "alternative General Staff" can be created by volunteers and the part of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of the "Right Sector" said about possibility of the "alternative General Staff" creation by the soldiers of volunteer battalions and the part of Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

He said this in an interview with "Hromadske TV".

According to him, the management of the General Staff of the Armed Forces had a lot of adequate executives: "No more than 10 percent of the competent generals are in this gang now".

Therefore we should create a system which help us create the General Staff where inefficient officers will be replaced by experienced officers with combat experience and high level of patriotism.

"Furthermore. If we will find that the efficiency of the troops did not increase, we will create the "alternative General Staff ", which would have cooperated with the official General Staff, but have taken their decisions as well as specific recommendations." - Dmytro Yarosh said.

"A lot of military onits can be included in this Staff: parts of the Armed Forces and the volunteer battalions. We have already started the work. This idea will be realized after some time I think. 

(update for 01.02.2015)We talk about a specific operational headquarters to coordinate between the volunteer battalions. We have about of 40 various volunteer battalions at the front now. Now we need to create a system to intelligence sharing and coordination between the different volunteer units. Especially in the wake of a certain discrediting of voluntary movement. This issue is relevant for us now!"  - said the leader of the "Right Sector".