Ethnic Ukraine in project "Shiry" (Sincere)

Ethnic Ukraine in project "Shiry" (Sincere)

Ukrainian TV presenters, singers and actresses become a heroines of special calendar, proceeds from the sale of which will be transferred to the ATO area. Photoshoot shows us the image of ethnic Ukrainian women.

According to Natalia Kravets, the event organizer of "Shiry" project - a dedication to traditional Ukrainian women`s clothes. The main purpose - to show its extraordinary beauty, richness, color and flavour. Preparing for a photo session lasted two months. The vast majority of photos is reproduction of vintage photographs of XIX, early XX century.

Married women clothes in Poltava region, late XIX - early XX century. Jewelry - coral with silver accents, silver coins, beads of Venetian glass, which was expensive and symbolize the family's prosperity.

Unmarried girls festive clothes that dressed for church or major holidays in Pokuttia (Ivano-Frankivsk region, XIX century. Feature costume: two edges was wearing on the wrap - wider and narrower. Jewelry - silver coins, pearls, Venetian glass.

Married women clothes in Old Polissya (Volyn region), which were in XIX century. Dress in the region has not changed for centuries.

Married women clothes in Old Polissya (Volyn region), which were in XIX century. Dress in the region has not changed for centuries.

Ladies clothing in Slobozhanshchyna (Kharkiv region), Eastern Ukraine. The beginning of XX century. The shirt is made in the technique of cutting. Jewelry - coral necklace with Venetian glass, coins with ribbon.

Festive clothes in Odessa region, early XX century. Headgear - "crown of sweets". "Sweets" made of wool, wrapped in a crepe paper. Paper flowers decorated with blown glass beads.

Women's Clothing in Galicia (Lviv region). Costume: sweater of sheep wool , at the bottom - shirt with embroidered collar. Headgear - a wreath of painted paper flowers with wax.

Costume in Western Podillia (Ternopil region), beginning of XX century. Headwear - wreath of myrtle and periwinkle. Jewelry - silver coins, pearls, necklace with Venetian glass.

Wedding women's clothing in Pokuttia (Ivano-Frankivsk region), end of XIX century. Characteristic feature - lower edges of wrappers is laid under the belt. The red color - a sign of affluence, expensive red dye for fabrics could afford only wealthy people.

Wedding clothing in Poltava region. His feature - towel embroidered with "tree of life" ornament. Jewelry - coral with silver accents, beads of Venetian glass, silver coins with ribbon.

The wedding dress in Bukovina (Chernivtsi region), end of XIX century. Headgear was made of artificial flowers and decorated by feathers, grass with long thin hairs. Jewelry - corals and silver coins.

Ladies clothing in Western Podillia (Ternopil region), early XX century. Shirt decorated with beads and embroidered with eagles that protected women from evil forces. Jewelry - Gerdan-tape with beads and silver coins, coral. Headgear lined with gerdan.