November 27, on this day the Ukrainian people commemorate the victims of Holodomor (1932-1933). Holodomor was a genocide of the Ukrainian nation initiated by Soviet Moscow. During these two terrible years more than four million Ukrainians were killed by starvation in the territory of the so-called Ukrainian Soviet Republic and the Kuban region. As a result about six million children were not born in these two years within Ukraine.
Now historians refute the myth of the lack of resistance to the Bolshevik robbers in Ukraine. The genocide of 1932-33 followed after more than 5000 anti-Moscow uprisings in Ukraine.

Numerous peasant uprisings spanning 1930 to 1932 in Ukraine became a threat to the implementation of Stalin's plans. The Soviet regime was afraid that the Ukrainian uprisings would turn into a national revolution, which could lead to the fall of the red regime, so the tyrants moved to take decisive action.

While the servants of the Soviet occupation government attempted to annihilate the Ukrainian nation in the central and eastern Ukrainian lands, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists came to the defense of compatriots in the western Ukrainian lands which was occupied by Poland.

Today we, the Ukrainian nationalists, continue our struggle against modern Moscow, which has declared its Soviet past as a fundamental value and has announced its course towards the restoration of a Soviet empire! They continue their attempts to annihilate the Ukrainian nation... our battle continues!