Total destruction of a folk customs and traditions is the main goal of the dark forces in a cultural plane of globalisation process. As usually their servants try to ridicule a national customs, publicly call it old or outdated, they propose to replace them by modern, including the customs of other nations and cultures. The last one is extremely dangerous, it attracts people because, at first sight its basis has some archetypal images, but without a strong foundation it's just replacement of deep local customs by a fake, oriented to a consumer mass. This trick is aimed to turn people into a cosmopolitan market servants with a salad in their heads and without no attributes of self identity.

Modern "Halloween" is an example of cultural globalism phenomenon, which is actively impose on our society through American movies. No, we don't want to start boring preaching about "satanic" roots of this feast in its modern form, etc. "Helloween" itself came from Samaina, a Celtic feast of ancestors, which was celebrated by Celts of Brittany, Scotland and Ireland since ancient times. Moreover, this fest has deep parallels with Slavic traditions. Particularly, Belarusians continue to celebrate "Dziady" (a Grandfathers) fest, traditionally this day people visit cemeteries and perform traditional ceremonies. Orthodox Church traditionally holds a special divine services to dead in first Saturday of November (Dmytro's Saturday). This tradition has been preserved even in Iran, where wise Ayatollahs are cherish earnestly ancient Aryan traditions.

However, tradition of commemoration the ancestors in any culture has nothing common with zombies, monsters or meaningless costume parties with people, dressed as monsters or some other hero of Hollywood movie. Now, some long-payot owners of biggest media resources or movie companies are impose us new "custom" under "cool" sauce, they try to teach us to paint a skull on our faces and make a party with our friends or colleagues instead of celebrate our native holidays, such as Easter, Ivan Kupala, Makoviy, Spas, Green week, etc. Must be noted that some of a city residents, who relate negatively to our native Navsky Easter (the Day of Dead) and not enthusiastic about the idea to visit a grandfather's grave in their native town or village, calling the ancient custom a booze, are gladly take part in some meaningless Helloween party. 

Ukrainian society must continue to defend and support the native customs, including their entertaining and gastronomic aspects, which attract the broad masses, that's the first step to mastering of deeper meanings, which lay in our culture and traditions. First of all, we must contribute fully to preservation such traditions as Christmas carols, Malanka, Posivannya at the Old New Year, Epiphany bathing, Easter festivities, visit a cemetery on Navsky Easter, Green week and Pokrova celebration, etc. And, of course, Ivan Kupala! 

Original article by Zentropa