Today, we are all forced to watch one of the saddest life stages of European civilization. Every day, internet, TV, and general media shows us more and more news about  the continued disappearing of the territorial borders of Europe and the gradual withering of European civilization. In the past, our civilization lived through a multitude of conflicts between empires, nations, and ideologies, but now we are gradually entering the 4th phase of the clash of civilizations.

The American political scientist Samuel Huntington predicted a war of cultures, a battle of the European civilization against the migrant invasion from Africa and the Islamic states in  an attempt to defend its motherland. This, said Huntington, will be one the most violent wars in history.

Now we see confirmation of the veracity of the politologist's predictions in  the growing number of radical muslim enclaves in Western Europe, in the demographic differences between migrants and native Europeans, as well as in total defeat in the field of cultural expansion. The image of the knight has almost disappeared from the life of a modern European man. The concept of knightly honour was replaced by universal values; hedonism, money worship, etc... Armour has been abandoned and now it gathering dust in museums.  The sword has become rusty without constant readiness to get it out from a scabbard to defend the oppressed as a result of sinful indifference. Righteous European traditionalism was replaced by total degradation in the form of gay parades, mixed marriages, and ubiquitous debauchery. Step by step, Mother Europe is losing its national and cultural identity being gradually replaced by Sharia law, which comes to our lands in boats with foreign colonizers.

Islamic fest Kurban Bayram
in Moscow, 2015
Everyday we see the foreigners' attempts to defile our native sacred values. They came to our homes without invitation and attempt to impose on us their laws. Such arbitrariness is actively deafening by liberal NGOs and ruling parties of today's Europe, sponsored by Soros and others.

Today the situation has reached a critical point, hordes of aliens are storming the European borders, puppeteers are creating more and more radical islamist organisations with clear anti-European ideology, which terrorize ordinary residents of European cities. At the same time these puppeteers do everything possible to bring discord into the European nationalist community.

Migrants are storming
Hungary's state border, 2015
England is locked within its islands and struggles against migrants from Eastern Europe, but at the same time its government actively helps to reduce migration requirements for India and Pakistan. France and Greece are dancing to Putin's pipe, considering him a new Messiah of Europe. Poles hate and fear Ukrainian nationalism, searching for mythological enemies where they never existed. Meanwhile, more and more Europeans wake up to the screams of muezzin.

European nationalists are quarrelling with each other, ignoring the scimitar at their carotid arteries.

The enemy's forces are united and strong, while we refuse to leave our historical conflicts and primitive chauvinism in the past. Every day we are wasting energy in vain. Do not try to think of reason and essence of the oppositions lest you forget that Europe is our common home. A home which now needs to be protected like never before...
"Tolerance" - inscription on the scimitar

By the materials of Азов