Well known is the fact, that Russia has recently changed the direction of its propaganda, and currently dress the mask of "a world terrorism fighter" against the background of recent "attacks" in a number of the European cities (the reason of why we use quotation marks is here). Having a powerful propaganda system, which has already proved its ability to create any kind of fakes and make people to believe in even the most meaningless nonsense during the war in Donbass, know the kremlin's media received an order to "show the evidence of cooperation" between Ukraine and the ISIS terrorists. Recently, a number of pro-Kremlin's "media" told us a story that ostensibly Ukraine sold weapons to islamic terrorists.

Representatives of the department of intelligence in Ukraine's Defence Ministry have claimed that the former employees of the state security agencies of Yanukovich's time, who escaped to Russia in 2014 have helped the Kremlin to fabricate the fake on supplying of Ukraine's MANPADS to the terrorists of so-called "Islamic state."

"After analyzing of all available information, we can call it a well-planned information attack from Russia, which is based on the information at the beginning of February 2014." - sad Vadim Skibitskiy, a representative of the department of intelligence in Ukraine's Defence Ministry.

He explained that Russia's special services have combinated some real facts with fiction. Really, there is a company in Kyiv, which produces a components for MANPADS, and which, in particular, produces one of the component to the Chinese FN-6 according to an old contract with China. The company produced only a particular elements, which were transferred to China for further assembling of a missile.

"However, Ukraine has never made purchases of the FN-6 or its re-export to third countries" - added Skibitskiy.

Mr. Skibitsky has also noted that this information is a part of new Russia's propaganda campaign, aimed to impose the world an opinion on cooperation between Ukraine and the islamic terrorists. Later the Kremlin's media have groundlessly accused Ukraine in providing asylum for the IS terrorists and sending a volunteer battalions in Syria to fight for anti-Assad's coalition, now they talk about providing of weapons... what's next?

He added that the Russian propaganda will continue to replicate the version that allegedly through providing help for the islamic terrorists from "ISIS" Ukraine tries to revenge for the occupation of Crimea.