Recall, yesterday morning two of the four power transmission lines by which supplying electricity to the occupied Crimea were damaged in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. All the power transmission were damaged through undermining of support elements. 

"Both lines have critical damage which can lead to their failure (e.g. due to unfavorable weather conditions such as strong wind). This will lead to a complete blackout in Crimea and a significant reduction of power supply reliability in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, which receive energy from the Kakhovka substation" - the press service of Ukrenergo noted.

Till now nobody took responsibility for destruction of the power lines. But the Crimean-Tatar community and other members of the Crimea blockade sure that the underminings were carried by unknown patriots in order to block a power supplying to the occupied peninsula. 

This evening about 100 armed soldiers of the National guard were arrived to the damaged power line at Chaplinka village. Currently continues a confrontation between the soldiers of National guard and the activists of Crimea blockade, who came to the damaged part of the line to express their protest against the energetical trading with the occupier and power supply to the occupied Crimea peninsula. Among the protesters are the members of Crimean-Tatar community, the members of "Right Sector" Volunteer Corps and other volunteer formations.

Currently, Chaplinka village is surrounded by the National guard, traffic is blocked. Buses with police are constantly arriving to the village. We have every reason to believe that the so-called law enforcement officers will try to detain activists and leaders of a special operation on Crimea's blockade.

The blockade of Crimea is a bone in the throat of the corrupt regime! Through this blockade the nationalists don't allow the corrupt officials to earn their dirty money by trading with the enemy. It makes the government to run their repressive machine against the fighters for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who supports us!

The blockade continues!

"I wrote repeatedly: blockade of a trucks trafficking isn't a real threat for the occupier and its servants, leaded by Poroshenko. BUT THE ELECTRIC ENERGY IS CRITICAL! So the regime quietly related to inspections of trucks with sausages at the checkpoints. But when the activists have inflicted real damage to the invader - regime has reacted, same as it was with the "Tornado" battalion and many others..." - wrote Serhiy "Lisnik" Amirov, a commander of the 1st intelligence company of the UKrainian Volunteer Corps "Right Sector"