Yesterday, November 25, the activists of "C14" nationalist movement seized a vestibule of the Podilsky territorial police department of Kiev. During a brief inspection of the police department evidence had been found of constant spying on public activists as well as of members of volunteer battalions and their families.

The activists had blocked the police department and demanded the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and his deputy Vasyl Paskal to visit the police department to give an explanation of the spying, illegal persecution of the activists, and persecution of the participants of the war.

On the stand of the most wanted list in the police department there has been posted a list of more than 20 people, among which the activists found a lot of the participants of anti-regime clashes at Maidan and the members of volunteer battalions, who had actively participated at the battles in Donbass near Stanitsa Luhanska, Gorlivka, and Volnovakha towns. Here are some of them: Kirylo Babentsov is a participant of the battles in Peski, he was wounded near the airport Donetsk; Yevhen Karas is a soldier of the "Harpun" volunteer battalion who was also accused on murder of anti-Ukrainian writer Oles Busina; Igor Shvaiko is a platoon commander of the volunteer battalion named after General Kulchitsky, Igor was one of the first volunteers, who went to Donbass. There is also Sergiy Bondar, Markian Yatsynyak, Nazar Malets, Olexander Voitko, Andriy Medvedko and Dennis Polishchuk, who are already imprisoned accused of Busina's murder. At the same time the employees of the Interior Ministry continue to ignore the materials that have been collected by Andriy Medvedko, which contains evidence of police personnel involvement in the kidnapping of activists during the Maidan protests.

Podilsky territorial police department is located at Georgy Gongadze street and this is very symbolic. Recall, Georgy Gongadze is a well known Ukrainian journalist and public activist, who was killed on September 17, 2000 for his anti-regime journalist activities. Nothing has changed since those days, the employees of the criminal intelligence service of the Interior Ministry, headed by Vasyl Paskal, were involved in kidnappings and tortures of public activists during Maidan and before.

However neither Pascal nor the MIA employees who participated in the criminal actions against its nation have been punished!
Source:  С14