The influx of illegal immigrants to Finland has lead to growing the level of terrorist threat into the country. Among the refugees who like big wave coming to Finland, there are some characters that are associated with illegal terrorist groups, including ISIS, Al-Qaeda and even pro-Russin "DNR"!
Over the past 6 weeks organizing center (social shelter) border with Sweden in the Finnish city of Tornio has attracted over 10000 refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia. Finnish police say that in this regard, the level of terrorist threat in Finland began to rise, despite the fact that in the summer of 2014 he was virtually zero. Currently, the Finnish police suggests the possibility of terrorist attacks both on the part of radical muslim groups among migrants and by the disgruntled locals (patriots and nationalists) who aggressively opposed the admission of migrants in their country. At the same time, on the border with Sweden conducted strengthened control to prevent clashes and riots. 

Meanwhile, the parliamentary parties of Finland made an appeal against the spread of racism. The emergence of anti-racism declaration, including among many European parties, was relevant to the aggravation of the migration crisis not only in Finland but also across Europe from Istanbul and Athens to Helsinki and Calais. However, MPs from the nationalist government party Perussuomalaiset while in Finnish parliament, Eduskunta, accused the government and party leadership actually indulging in bureaucratic encroachment Brussels and Strasbourg.

Source: Січовик