The servant of dark forces (about Lenin and symbolism)

The servant of dark forces (about Lenin and symbolism)

During the way with colleagues at a scientific conference we noticed a characteristic thing on the road from Znamianka to Kirovograd, our path ran through the different localities, throug the different Soviet symbols and constantly on the main streets, which had humiliating name - Lenin Street. Seemed these depressing characters and names of the streets resented only us, and it was a shame because they symbolized the space of Soviet Moscovy, not Ukrainian lands ...  it's like a postdated us at that time without a time machine. Well, conciliatory habit can sometimes be scary because accustoms to misunderstanding of basic, philosophical things.
Seems awareness appeared on 8 December , when revolutionary youth has destroyed a statue of Lenin in Kyiv on Bessarabka. Besides public approval this act provoked a number of estimates and dissatisfied by the outdated Sovok`s (Ukrainian contemptuous name of admirers of Soviet Union), and by, oddly enough, a number of liberalists, pro-EU-minded citizens. They say it's "savagery", "barbarism", "vandalism", "intolerance," "lawlessness" …  Some argued that the "war with monuments is not lawful" or that with the same success can be ruined monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky of Taras Shevchenko. These estimates clearly indicate not only a political bias, but something deeper. It is, in my opinion, the problem of lack of understanding of cultural phenomena, including art and their fundamental role in being of individuals and entire nations.

Cultural things - from architecture to household items - have tremendous creative spirit, and therefore man-creative and nation-creative, function. At one time it was very aptly noticed by the famous Austrian writer Rainer Maria Rilke, to warn against foreign "fakes":  “To our grandparents, a "house", a "well", a familiar steeple, ever their own clothes, their cloak still meant infinitely, where infinitely more initiate - almost everything a vessel in which they found something human already everything is intruding, from America, empty different things, sham things, dummies of life...A house, as the Americans understand it, an American apple or winestock from over there, have nothing in common with the house, the fruit, the grape into which the hope and thought-fulness of our forefathers had entered”. Obviously, monuments of Khmelnitsky and Shevchenko still have a humaneness and national "spirituality" for the Ukrainians and therefore deserving of their respect for and protection. But whether all the monuments and other characters in Ukraine perform this cultural function?

So let`s stop at the ruined statue of Lenin. What symbolizes this sculpture? The obvious answers associated him with the personification of bloody political repression, other communist crimes unprecedented totalitarianism, Soviet imperialism, tyranny and so on. And this is correct. However, there are some other hidden meanings.

First of all - anti-culture. Lenin was creator of nihilistic Soviet cultural policy. This means - creator of the system, in which has eliminated organic culture as a system of national and spiritual values, at the time has imposed culture of the empire with  quasi-Russian Bolshevik chauvinism and internationalist values in its core. The consequence of this policy - total lack of spirituality of enslaved and Russian peoples, creation of pseudo-national imperialist society, marginalized communities - "Soviet people" so-called "Sovoks" on whose Woscowphile stereotypes still speculate pro-Moscow policy. Since then and until now denationalized Sovok (post-USSR) - synonymous with spiritual degeneracy, barbarism and savagery. So perhaps the only savages willing protect and honor the image of leader like Lenin.

Other meaning is associated with Satanism. Such a bloody, aggressive and massive destruction of authentic religions, especially Christianity, churches and planting of anti-God thinking and quasi-religious structures (controlled by special services) that were made in the Soviet Union created by by Lenin, history is not known. Tolerance to Lenin as a typical Satanist - the initiator of extermination of Christianity can remind tolerance to other the Dark Lords - metaphysical (Lucifer) or earthly (such as Nero). During prayer and holding sacraments in different churches this should not be forgotten. Of course, if we are Christians, not "tolerant" Pharisees.  

One of the basic meanings of the deposed sculpture associated with occupation. Lenin - the initiator and leader of the Bolshevik occupation of Ukraine during the liberation struggle of 1917-1920., Which brought the first mass executions based on nationality, first Holodomor, requisitioning and terror. Subsequent time the Soviet statelessness - a period of seventy years of unremitting mass arrests, denationalization, systematic genocides, ethnic discrimination, destruction of nearly twenty million Ukrainians, converting the rest of people to servants of the Russian Communist totalitarian system. In times of independence, this symbol of occupation also joined the symbol of red revenge. The so-called "Ukrainian communists" (especially red oligarchs), having nothing in common with the Ukrainian political tradition and very few with communism as "proletarian" ideology, stubbornly play the role of Moscow's fifth column that pays them. Lenin and his gifted pupil Stalin - are idols of reds, symbols of their former dominance over Ukrainian. But if we do not revanchists if we are free people, then we dont obliged to cherish by characters of slavery.

After all, can hardly talk about "unlawfulness" because no one has repealed the decree of President Yushchenko № 250/2007 «On measures in connection with the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine", which provides for dismantling memorials of the organizers of the Holodomor and political repression. Looks doubtful judgment of 2001 on the constitutionality of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine regarding the prohibition of the Communist Party in 1991. It is no accident communism was repeatedly condemned by the international community.

Once again recalled my way to Kirovograd, hundreds of statues of Lenin and other leaders of Soviet Union and Russian Empire in Ukraine and thought about their "appropriateness" for independent state. For they are as natural in Ukrainian towns and villages, as would be monuments to Hitler in Warsaw or Tel Aviv, Napoleon - in Moscow or Berlin, George III - in Washington Genghis Khan - in Beijing and others. However, in this case - the sad truth.

Poland, Russia, Germany, USA, China - sovereign state, they do not favor to occupiers. But Ukraine? National responsible Authorities of real independent national state would like to declare gratitude to unknown patriots who dismantled the anti-cultural, dark symbol of occupation, which still corrodes, poisoning the spirit of Ukraine. Neocolonial power is different, so they opens criminal cases against activists. However, the question is: whether such government to hope for a different name than "Ukrainophobes", "anti-national" or "occupation"?

By Petro Ivanyshyn