How to become a battalion commander of DUK Right Sector

How to become a battalion commander of DUK Right Sector

Tips from Marussia ZvirobiyCommander of the 11th battalion DUK Right Sector

I. Take personal responsibility for everything that is done in Ukraine.

II. Take personal responsibility for actions of each your fighter. If a fighter behaving unworthily - You doing something wrong and pay little attention to communication with your warriors.

III. Brush your own ranks. Ruthlessly disposed all scum among your battalion in order not soiled honor of really honest people who work in your ranks.

IV. Each member of the organization is responsible for the all other fighters of the Right Sector in word or deed. So must be warned of the consequences of his actions that may to shame colleagues.

V. If possible, to make the general assembly and assembly of divisions chiefs. The exchange of information will make activities more effective. All will be on the same wavelength.

VI. You have to work harder than others and show by own example how to spend the time and inspiration to achieve an overall victory.

VII. Embody the initiatives and your colleagues in respect of any assistance in the struggle for Ukrainian freedom. Delegate tasks trust implementation of certain issues to your sworn brothers. With more and more quickly done. Do not try to do everything on their own, because it moves slowly.

VIII. Do not flirt with Parliament, remember - you will always be in opposition! You have control the actions of government so that they do not harmful to Ukrainian society.

IX. Do not sell people that trust you! Those who offer you money for your fighters or supporters, for the protection of business or work on the oligarchs - hit him in the face. Many of patriots behind your back, you have no right to pollute the honor of such a number of patriots.

X. Believe in victory and others will believe it, and the victory will come!