In memory of Sworn Brother

In memory of Sworn Brother

The seventh day of November brings back memories to most of Ukrainian nationalists. Destruction of the monuments of Lenin and other Bolshevik temples, attacks to the communist offices, fights with neo-Bolsheviks in the streets and squares of Ukrainian cities. If you are a nationalist, and November 7 is on your calendar, you know that today, sacred Ukrainian land must be watered by blood of several neo-Bolshevik scum.

Personally for me, the most vivid memories associated with the November 7, concerning the events in Lviv in 2009. We are prepare for counteract to Bolshevik meeting by classical force. At the same time Friend Orest ... negotiate about speech at the rally. Posing as a representative of the Komsomol organization from Kryvyi Rih, Friend Orestes entered the credibility of the gathering organizers and went to the scene. Then, when the time was right, we began to beat the Reds, Orest start to attack the major Communists on stage ... it was a spectacular action, though, Orestes has broken leg.

Three months passed from the time when a friend Orestes - Andrew Kozyubchyk - left this world. Life of this brave soldier has a lot of moments like this. Orestes was a clot of ideology, Christian faith, brotherhood, self-sacrifice and, certainly, thirst for adventure. He was a true errant knights, who did not cease to seek adventure in the service of God and Ukraine. Very rarely parted with cold arms (from the beginning of Maidan - with firearms). Sometimes crotchety, sometimes cheerful, he was a great sworn brother - exactly, Sworn Brother with a capital letter. His death was a blow for very large number of members of the nationalist movement.

Orest was creator of the name "Right Sector". I do not know who invented the the version according to which the name of our movement comes from the fact that the Maidan we was located on the right side. We are "Right Sector" because we are ideologically right-wing - nationalistic and conservative force. Orestes wanted to see "Right Sector" as structure, which will unite in its ranks most of the right-wing nationalist revolutionaries and will make revolution - destroy internal occupation regime, build a national state and will lead nationalists to the government. God willing, we will commit things, that Orestes wanted.

I remembered only one moment from the life of the Great Son of the Nation. Most of my brothers can recall dozens of similar moments. And I wish for all these moments will unite to legend, that will inspire us and a younger generation of nationalists. His chivalrous service to God, Church and Nation, Orestes deserved to be remembered. His actions will serve our cause as an example of self-sacrificial faith and love ...