"Distribution of Russia" as an alternative for utopia of Eurasianism

Concept of "distribution" was developed by Ukrainian historiosophist and culturologist Yuri Lipa in his book of the same name in 1941. Oleg Bagan said: "In the book "The distribution" Lypa proves that Ukraine is geopolitically decisive factor for the collapse of the Russian Empire as artificial, oppressive and anti-national monster of international politics". The main conclusion of the book, according to Bagan, as follows: "Russia will stop be a burden and a threat for its neighbors when will focused on the development of Russian nation on his ethnic territories until abandon its imperial policy".

Theses of Yuriy Lipa consistent with the overall direction of geopolitical strategies of Ukrainian nationalism in plane solution of Russia's problems (destruction of the Russia Empire, but recognition of the right of Russians for their own national state). At the same time Ukrainian nationalists were not limited only by theorizing. National liberation struggle, which were conducted under the leadership of the OUN was also distinctly anti-imperial, aimed not just to the liberation of Ukrainian lands from the yoke of Moscowian-Bolshevik invaders, but also to the destruction of Moscow's empire in any of its forms.

To do this, Ukrainian nationalists were active cooperation with other nations, who happened to feel the impact of Moscow's imperialism (participation in UPA foreign departments, Conference of oppressed peoples of Eastern Europe and Asia in November 1943, the activities of Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, etc.). Ukrainian nationalists not abandoned their views on the issue of the Moscow imperialism in conditions of relative independence, as result we can consider wide-ranging support for anti-Russian resistance forces (especially in the Caucasus).

The destruction of Russia as empire was, is and will remain a strategic goal of Ukrainian nationalism. This follows from the vital interests of the Ukrainian nation. And now we emphasize once one position, given that the destruction of Moscow's empire is crucial. This is the position of the Traditionalist, conservative-revolutionary, anti-liberal and anti-globalistic aspirations.

The idea of writing this article arose during my discussion with one of the "Friend" in the social network. The person with whom I conducted a discussion - an Englishman, a supporter of the idea of the Conservative Revolution, which also has considerable sympathy for the concept of Eurasianism. I think such as he, in the West a lot. There are several reasons for that.

Modern West - is the territory of degradation. Under the neon of ads and prosperous life of the western human lies civilizational rot - a corpse of previously grand civilization. Life in the swamp makes those who do not belong to the mainstream, look for some alternative. And some people find this alternative in the East - ex Oriente lux never ceases to attract of those Europeans who are thirsty of truth. At the same time the light from the East often expected from Russia. If in the era of progressive modern Western Europeans looked Russia as country of barbarism, certainly understanding under "barbarism" something negative, now before them is tempting to seen the island of traditionalism in Russia, a bastion of resistance to total (totalitarian, in fact) liberalism.

Russia has given the world a large number of undoubtedly talented (if not brilliant) thinkers of conservative-Christian perspective: Leontiev, Danilevsky, Dostoevsky, Soloviev, Berdyaev, Florensky, Florovsky and others. This fact is used to promote the idea of Moscow messianism. Such intellectual brand of Russia holds still. Work of the famous philosopher and sociologist Alexander Dugin in particular contributes to this. He managed to successfully combine intellectual work with a "marketing" of their own ideas. The boldness of thought, originality of expressed concepts, reasoned analysis of history and modernity, confidence of futuristic projections, all this makes many intellectuals not only respect the philosophical position of Dugin, but with a distinct liking relate to re-actualised ideas of Eurasianism.

Actually, passionarity of Dugin today, obviously, is probably the most important factor in the emergence of pro-Moscow sympathies among Western intellectuals of the conservative persuasion. For many of them, Russia has become the center of Traditionalist thought.  It is quite eloquent can be opinion, expressed by guest of the First Russian Congress of traditionalists Claudio Mutti: "I am impressed with what he saw here after 20 years, after my first visit ... I could not imagine that after 20 years the issue of traditionalism will be treated here in such levels and with such enthusiasm. This is largely different from all Traditionalist events on which I had been in Western Europe. I would like to mention that ... in Western Europe completely different atmosphere dominates.

At first, the audience that there is going, even in major European capitals, has virtually no chance to gather so many people interested in the issue of traditionalism as here ... Secondly, while in Western Europe traditionalism is usually a conservative direction ... here, in Russia, I saw that traditionalism is permeated by creative innovative spirit. Even the fact that the Congress is dedicated to postmodernism, is a sign of creativity and originality of approach". Not only Mutti has sympathy for the Russian traditionalists, but also a number of other European thinkers, including Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye and some other ideologists of the "new right".

It is meaningless to deny the achievements of Russian intellectuals, and the problem, in fact, not in these achievements, but in the fact that under their folding screen West seen messianic role of Russia. Well, this situation is understandable. In the way through desert thirsty man sees what he wants to see. Living in the darkness of European decline, those who have not stopped thinking, believe and dream, are trying to see the light in the black hole agonizing empire.

What is the modern Russia? As far his reality appropriate to western illusions? Some prefer to see a strong opponent of the United States, the second - a stronghold of Christianity, the third - "white empire", the fourth - a good example of coexistence of Christian and Muslim people (thank God, the West is increasingly discussed the idea of Christian-Muslim reconciliation in the name of joint resistance to satanic forces). But what is Russia in fact?

Primarily we must cooling hot heads of those who, seeing the demographic self-destruction of their own peoples, believe in Russia as the savior of the white race. They should ask the statistics to find out what percentage of Russians are, for example, in Moscow. For Russians are characteristic of the same demographic processes, as well as representatives of the European nations. Some other processes can be observed in Muslim nations that are under the authority of the Imperial Moscow, and these processes are not in favor of the Russians (though little benefit for Muslims too , but more on that below). Important role in reducing the proportion of Russians in the alleged "own" lands begin to play migrants, particularly Chinese.

The reasons of depopulation of the white population in Russia has some similar reasons with the same processes in Europe, and something different from them. The common feature is the low morale resulting from not only dechristianization, but, in fact, lack of Christianization in the past. However, if migrants arriving to the West from other countries, in Russia there is a migration to the ethnically Russian lands of non-Russians who are members of nations, oppressed by Moscow. It happens not only because of unevenness of regional development, but permanent war in the Caucasus too. Tactics of the imperial authorities to drowning in the blood the right of Caucasian peoples to self-government life are stimulates the flow of refugees who, among other things, migrate not only to ethnic Russian lands, but also to Europe.

It is important to remember that the processes described above should not be seen only as a process of Islamization. Often happens that after migration to the Moscow, Muslim often departs from the principles of their own religion and fall into temptation of secular culture. Instead of demographic jihad Muslims stepping to the path of ethnic and religious marginalization. So, instead of synergy of Christian and Islamic cultures, imperial reality of Russia are creating conditions for the disappearance of the Russians as a nation and religious degeneration of oppressed Muslim peoples.

As for religious Russians, it is worth noting the following. Christianity on the territory of Muscovy can not be regarded as infertile. It has created a unique type of spirituality, many of bright souls sincerely accepted the Christ Truth. However, the very nature of Moscowian Christianity was definitely introverted, full of "spiritual and ascetic social Hesychasm" (holy Father Ivan Havano). Under the spiritual feats of individual monks lay a lack of evangelization of society. Instead of religious education the majority of Moscow clergy was engaged in cultivation of "glorifications of rites", religious life was replaced to spiritually-empty performance of rituals. Caesar-popery become a essential feature of Moscow Christianity, unnatural servility to secular authorities. This was the direct cause of the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution, as wrote foreign authors (eg Ukrainian - Yevhen Malaniuk) and Russians (mentioned earlier Nikolai Berdyaev).

The nature of Moscowian Christianity illustrates elementary statistics. About half of the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate are in Ukraine, where despite all the vicissitudes of history, was better circumstances to preach the word of God. Thus among the Ukrainians the most highest level of spirituality and morality observed in the west - a region that was the least affected from Moscow's imperialism (including the church).

Today, unfortunately, Moscowian Christianity did not change own essence. The Moscow Patriarchate is more government departments, than the Church. Imperial right and true way of Church existence in the case of Russia incompatible things. Thus, Russia is doomed to further dechristianization. So, only alternative is - finally abandon the practice lift up Caesar over God, take the path non-conformism relative to satanic empire. Historical precedents exist, and perhaps only the prayers of the martyrs who were faithful to Christ and do not obey to "orthodox" or communist king, save the Russian people from the final decline. But so far there is no Christian non-conformism. But Patriarch Kirill there is, which reports to Putin and Russians there is - the people who lived centuries without any normal spiritual care, then become a victim to the Bolshevik experiment and now has being successfully assimilate Western pseudo-values. Could this Russia resist to another center satanic imperialism - the United States?

Yevhen Malanyuk once very rightly said that between Western Protestantism and Moscowian Orthodoxy there is one thing in common - the inability to stand in opposition to "the powers that be", to "mammon, Matter, Caesarists and all sorts of false-spiritualists". Perhaps it is this common feature is the reason why Moscow can not be real counterweight to the United States. Confronting of quasi-Orthodox Russia and post-Protestant America - it is rather a simulacrum of confrontation between good and evil, "traditionalism" and "devil-polis".

It is undeniable that the US and Russia are geopolitical rivals. But, in fact, this rivalry is a rivalry between Satan and the Antichrist. Between them there are some differences: the US is a tool for strengthening of mondialism, locomotive for globalization processes, Russia represents a phenomenon of imperialism in a classical sense. However, on these differences, behind this rivalry lies some metaphysical unity that manifests in the process of deployment of world history.

US has established own world hegemony by holding a brand of fighter against communism. A similar geopolitical logic there today. Revanchist sentiments of Russia are forced many nations to seek shelter in the West. Countries of the former Soviet bloc and some peoples who were under the direct occupation of Moscow as part of the USSR (Balts and Georgians) are follow this path. Thus, one imperialist is forcing independent nations fall into the claws of another imperial monster.

In fact, the logic of globalization is as follows: Russia loses one or another region of influence, and liberal West immediately "picks up" him. At the same time the final destruction of the Russian empire is disadvantageous for America  - US just can not "digest" the such number of geopolitical material. Not surprising that HW Bush urged the Ukrainian at one time to stay a part of the Russian Empire - Ukraine as an independent geopolitical player was disadvantageous for Western imperialists. United States prefer to deal with only the Russian Empire than a number of national states and confederate formations.

What are the perspectives has open the destruction of Russia as empire?

First, the disappearance of the Russian threat will lead to that the central and eastern Europe will feel more independent from West. If the anti-liberal forces of Western Europe are waiting for the "green light" from the East, it can come from Central and Eastern Europe. This area has been preserved as a truly European, here is still strong positions of the conservative and nationalist forces, it is from here can ignite the flame of the Reconquista, or if the world will finally rolling to an end, it can form one of the most important defense centers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Secondly, on the ruins of the Russian Empire should take place a national renaissance for the Russians and other peoples (including the Finno-Ugric), which can be integrated to "formatted" Europe. The combination of these new state formations will become a buffer zone between Europe and Asia. Logic of destruction of the Russian Empire are depicts such a Archean-futuristic picture.

Certainly, hard to make an unambiguous predictions for the future. However, assessment of the current state of affairs must be unambiguous, the choice of enemies and friends, the choice the right pond. So, anyone who wants to fight against modern madness has to clearly understand that you cannot rely on the Antichrist in the fight against Satan and it is meaningless to rely on the help of Satan  in the fight against Antichrist...

As the man, who interested in philosophy and looks at the world through the eyes of traditionalists, I really respect Dugin-intellectual. As Ukrainian, I take him definitely hostile. No cognitive dissonance does not arise, because the concept of hostility and respect, in my view, are mutually does not exclusive of each other, but rather combines in some cases (unfortunately, dominated by a different approach, an approach plebeians, and in accordance with this approach you must powerless hate and despise the enemy). While sharing number of ideas of traditionalism, re-actualised by Dugin, I can not accept him imperial nonsense. In fact, it is this nonsense serves as a vivid illustration of how a thinker can donate their own beliefs, principles, consistency and become a servant of "powers that be".

Previously, Dugin was more independent. But today he finally turned into obedient herald of agonizing empire. As Yegor Letov once sang, "Plastic overcome the world" and Dugin become a mere ideologue of plastic Russia. And all those who despised the artificiality and loves organic, should fight against this plastic monster.  Life - under its surface where boils potential of the peoples, liberated from the imperial power. Life - of the Mujahideen of the Caucasus, of the fighters for the independence of Tatarstan and Mari-El, those who goes to rallies with posters "Liberate Russia from Moscow", "Freedom for Siberia", "Long live the Far Eastern Republic", of the partisan of Primorye - those heroes who sacrifice by own lifes and trying to awaken peoples from imperial coma. In all such cases, we really see life, the voice of organic, bastions of Genesis. But there is no life in ESM, created by Dugin. Despite all the financial investments from the Gazprom-gangster government 

In the title of this article, I used the phrase "utopia of Eurasianism." This concept, in my opinion, very well reflects the nature of modern "traditional" ("white", "orthodox", etc.) Russia. Unnatural Eurasian empire there is, but there is no empire-messiah. This empire - is a fake, a simulacrum, a utopia, a mirage. However, there are peoples striving for Freedom, and all this peoples are able to change the ontological status of the world.

Igor Zahrebelny, Science-ideological center named after Dmytro Dontsov