Order - is not a political party

Order - is not a political party

While the program of any political party is only a recipe for a successful consequences on nearest elections, program of the Order - "a holistic ideology", "a declaration of war against existing order, against their outlook".

Constitution of the political party consists of the text drawn up at the conference, charter of the Order - the idea and faith. The party has based on the program, the Order - on the ideology. Party always has change and adapt, the Order did not turn aside from its path.

The Orders idea is the idea of an active minority who conducts the majority; so they are anti-democrats.

Nothing really great is not achieved by coalitions, cross-party groups, the sum of the weak will not give power.

Going to the strengthening of the new authority, operating with a small "strike" groups against the majority, Order make a big bet on obedience and punishment in their own ranks, especially on the development of character, because the quality is replaces quantity here.

Party educate to speakers and "specialists" ("experts") for the parliamentary committees, little caring about discipline and education of the next generation. At that time, as the Order makes a great emphasis on this question, so he designed to fight against inert majority.

Party built on a mechanical quantity, on the inertial mass, the number of votes, not by their quality on the "united front". But in a period of anarchy of thought and substitution of traditional beliefs is important to not conflate the opposite weak thoughts in one cacophony - it is better to build a single, strong, more important than mechanical cast of colorless thoughts and characterless "characters", The Order is better, numerically small but solid by faith.

Party - "against the people of the clerical mindset for which there are absolutes". But in times of ideological chaos, uncertainty and decay, people without absolute become people without a compass.

Political Party are against the intolerance of thought and strict rules in their environment, against punishment of deserters, against discipline ... And therefore so many people in the party, loyal to her only as long as it provide them the mandate or election funds.

In our times of rickety beliefs and got stronger onslaught of foreign ideas, when heretics is thousands, we don`t need no pseudo strictness of political parties, but iron discipline of the Order, which is not only on paper called to account for every false step, even the "mistake". Only such discipline will be able to create a strongly knit community of like-minded; people of faith that produce a worldview by hard work, during the days, nights, years.

Have the courage to choose between different thoughts and feelings of infallibility, willing to give not a new program, but the new man can only groups like the Order. This recipe is not for mass consumption. Therefore, the answer is: "who is able to accommodate will accommodate". Later, when the pioneers of the elite will create the rod of new thoughts and type the new man, then the majority will come to them - by astonishment, by fear, by snobbery, and then the mass will ensure that "In hoc signo vinces".

Political Party, perhaps there will be in the future, and will doing the same. But they will not temper the spirit of masses, they will not save the tradition, what is at stake, they do not crystallize the idea of generations, they will not straighten the moral backbone of the nation, they will not let the truth shine, they will not weed out complex  of "an inferior" that so deeply rooted in us ... Only what I have called the Order, will be able to reforge our "withered heart and conscience" by heavy hammer of their dogma. Only his steel will pass us by heart "as a red-hot wire". It is the one, who will unite not distrustful, but believers around own symbol. Only he - in this chaos of thoughts - will give shine and lost prestige for our ancient traditions.

Dmytro Dontsov, Ukrainian nationalist philosopher. Lviv 1938