Sounds of a Peace

Sounds of a Peace

When we are at the forefront and somebody calls and asks, how are we, we cheerfully say: "The peace continue." And allow them to listen mortars and grads. These boom are continuous, from which their homes are vibrating windows, we call it "sounds of a peace"

Once during the shoots I hear that wrong are those who complain about the non Minsk agreements. In fact, by this time, both sides served them. We: Ukrainian and Russians, and all Europeans – were lied and continue to lie of what actually agreed in Minsk. And there was not agreed to terminate attacks or diversion of heavy machinery. And that Ukraine does not occur in the Donbass, and Putin doesn’t come to Kyiv. I tell you this is correct. Otherwise would have to conclude that we controlled by clinical idiots.

Putin went for it to exhaust Ukraine by those "peace" during which constantly are killed our soldiers, and some progress towards winning people can not see - and eventually may approach the idea that the war should end - whether from which results.

Our government did it to hold elections. To throw away communists, nationalists and most of the regionals from Parliament. Because against nationalists strongly objected the West and regionals with the communists could block any presidential initiative. The next step, I think, is the removal of parliamentary immunity for regionals, which penetrated to Parliament, feared and sat quietly. Soon we will see what for power it is needed. It is needed to steal quietly , not sharing and not paying attention to opponents, or somehow protect the country.

Olena Bilozerska