Talk about the need to abandon the Donbass - This is a work in favor of our enemies (analytical commentary of the "Right Sector")

Talk about the need to abandon the Donbass - this is a work in favor of our enemies (analytical commentary of the "Right Sector")

During the last three months in the Ukrainian information space there were many reports that Ukraine should abandon the Donbass.

Can assume that such "information injections" were ordered by the current regime, which wants to justify before the public their put it mildly, inconsistent policy towards the state-aggressor. However, some of them - is the result of unprincipled and ideological rot of people who fill our information space.

The rhetoric of those who advocate for the surrender of Donbass, sometimes different. Sometimes the sounds openly capitulation conversations about the impossibility of military resistance against Russia. Sometimes just talking about disloyalty of the Donbass people to Ukraine. But the most absurd thesis is that we need to abandon the Donbass, because ... The local population does not support the idea of joining the EU (EU membership - is not our national idea, and the most of the Ukrainian population does not consider it by a national idea).

Obviously, people who voiced similar rhetoric is completely indifferent to concept of national honor. Similarly, they are indifferent to the fate of Ukraine patriots who is on the occupied territories. Similarly, they are indifferent to our fallen comrades, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, who died in battle with the enemy. Similarly, they are indifferent to the fact that the creation of "Donbass Transnistria" is a factor of destabilize the situation in Ukraine and the tool of influence on Ukraine from the Kremlin.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, will not give up Crimea and Donbas, it's - our land. A significant percentage of the population of these areas was the victim of the fact that over twenty years of relative independence of Ukraine, this State has not held the decolonization policy and national revival of this territories (at the time when Moscow held a large-scale promotion and development of networks of influence). In the future, the situation will change. But to return Ukrainian face for Crimea and Donbas , first you need win back these areas. Who says the opposite - that is consciously or unconsciously working for our enemies.