Свобода или Смърть/Свобода або Смерть!

Свобода или Смърть/Свобода або Смерть!

Macedonian nationalist thanked Ukraine for military support in 2001, when Ukraine, only in the world - despite the threats from the US and Russia - came to the rescue of Macedonia. Macedonians still grateful for the support. Then Macedonians fought for survival against their "DNR" and "LNR".

Hristijan Taneski: "From Macedonia thankful for Ukrainian help in 2001. Ukraine and Macedonia in 200"

Eugene Kartashov: "Ukrainian politician and MP: In a word, we had a very good and friendly relations. We greatly assist Macedonia, especially in the field of aviation. When Macedonia seek help immediately from Ukraine we helped you in the realization of your military projects."

We want to thank the military support of Ukraine in 2001. We believe that this must be remembered. And if our special forces were better prepared to defend our motherland against the terrorists, Ukraine was interested in helping military conflict in 2001"

Thank you! Macedonian friends!

Свобода или Смърть/Свобода або Смерть!


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