Internal war against Ukrainian nation

Internal war against Ukrainian nation

Millions of Ukrainian citizens could live, defend and develop their country, were killed in the womb.

Someone said that the cause of most abortions is bad financial situation of parents. But the situation is much more complicated in fact. The main reason for abortion, in my opinion, is that false views was imposed for the people, including the idea that killing of defenseless unborn child is not murder.

Abortion - a global problem, consequence of the fact that humanity moved away from the God's laws. However, abortion problem is so actual for our country. Ukraine - is the largest European country with excellent potential. Ukraine needs for a large number of population, healthy population, but now we got a low birth rate, frequent cases of mentally and physically disabled children are born. Of course, females reproductive system are broken and damaged after several abortions, smoking, drinking, so kids are born unhealthy in most cases. Not to mention those cases where a woman loses the possibility of getting pregnant after an abortion. 

One reason for the spread of abortion is a misconception according to which the two children is enough for the family, but this "norm" slowly disappears, in turn comes "norm" of one child per family. When the family has only one child, then this child are raised by selfish, because the world revolves only around him. Mothers do not birth more then one child because they so busy by their own career and do not have time for them, they are always a "lot of work" unfortunately. Speaking so we forget the basic woman`s goal, defined by the God - become a mother, bringer of life. The second reason is too young age of the expectant mother - yes, but it's because of lack of parenting. The church makes it clear that young people should follow premarital chastity, . The so-called "unwanted pregnancy" is usually the consequence that young people do not know or do not want to know what the Church says and common sense at last.
Despite the fact that Ukraine is formally independent more than 20 years, many of our fellow citizens remained the Soviet worldview. This is particularly applies to abortion. Unborn child - it is merely "fruit", soviet woman can "be cleansed" so easy, according to Soviet educational system. Some of women continue to believe in this lie unfortunately, which is reinforced by modern culture that comes to us from the West. 

We need to remove the rose-colored glasses and realize that murder of children - it's just business for most of gynecologists, how scary it may sound. In fact, 750-1000 UAH is the price of abortion in most clinics. Save lives must be first doctor`s goal, not kill it in the womb! Gynecologist should promote the cult of the family and not be employee of depravities and death industry. In our country (after all, as in many others), these professionals are a kind of secret agents of our enemies that help destroy the Ukrainian nation, only for their benefit. The only exceptions are some gynecologists who firmly held moral principles and refuse to kill children.

In fact since the beginning of independence of Ukraine over 40 million abortions was made officially , how much was done unofficially? This is unborn Ukrainians, which could become economists, officers, scientists, scholars, writers, actors, politicians, programmers, teachers and true patriots of their country...

Once again: 40 million children was killed! This is - a collective crime and collective sin of our people. Is it a crime we should not be held responsible?!

Nowadays the Muscovite-Ukrainian war. We must protect own land from the Kremlin empire. In addition we should not forget that inner wars , and abortion - is one of them. We must give an worthy response at all fronts. In particular, the present situation is extremely important to intensify anti-abortion struggle. Nationalists have no right to neglect this area of struggle. This - of our duty as well as to protection the eastern lands!

By Christina Ferkaluk