Memories of "Svoboda"

Memories of "Svoboda"

Lately, some criticism was expressed the address of the party "Svoboda", sometimes adequate. This nationalist force is not passed in Parliament, so let's summarize their activities in the Government.

Svoboda first: has destroyed monument of Lenin in Kiev, then it was called "vandals", now it has spread throughout Ukraine.

Svoboda first: has committed lustration of official, he was a chairman of the National Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, then it was called "provocateurs", now "people`s lustration" has spread throughout Ukraine.

Svoboda first: has opposed the laws of the "special status of Donbass", then it was called the "party of war". Now Poroshenko requires to abolish these laws, named after "Transnistria"

Svoboda first: demanded to prohibit the broadcasting of Russian TV-slag on our TV, this bill was registered February 17, 2014. Then Svoboda was named "provocateurs", now ... after six months ... Government services require the Ukrainian channels to ban Russian TV-slag.

Svoboda in full force attended ta all government meetings and not do cheating during voting, unlike other parties, but liberal fools still criticize nationalists.

Before the election, the Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned presence of  nationalists in Ukrainian government. They had no complaints to Liberals and Democrats. That is, the nationalists - are personal enemies of Putin, as opposed to "Samopomich" and "People's Front".

Among the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred was members of Svoboda, who stood on the Maidan, from beginning to be shot ...

So who is right and who is not?!

K. Boyko