At the recent meeting of the state council on financial stability the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the Ukrainian State Enterprise "Odessa Port Factory" (OPF) will be privatized by the end of 2016. He explained it will allow to bring new financial revenues in the national budget as well as optimize the enterprise's economics.

The OPF mainly specializes in the production of ammonia and carbamide, keeping leading positions in the list of Ukraine's chemical enterprises. For a long time the plant lies in a zone of interests of the Russian financial-industrial group of the Jewish origin Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who, in particular, is an owner of the leader in the production of ammonia in Russia - "Tolyattiazot." According to Russian experts, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov will personally lobby of Vekselberg's corporation interests in the process of privatisation of the OPF.

After announcement of the government's plans to sell the state enterprise in the end of 2015 was also launched a massive informational campaign in a number of media. Within this campaign was raised popular and scandal themes of ecology and corruption in the plant. It's clear that decrease in the market value of the OPF and reduce its investment attractiveness.

It is an anti-national and inadequate step to withdraw the enterprise from the state property! The Odessa Port Factory is a profitable and workable enterprise which annually increases production volume; its production capacity is loaded to 100% now! 

It is clear that the policy of selling the state strategic enterprises is aimed first of all at weakening Ukraine and strengthening the power of international oligarchic clans, who are a core of the internal occupation regime. In addition, launching the process of privatisation without previous lustration of corrupt officials is a crime! However, almost nothing was done in this area for last years, all the corrupt officials from Yanukovych's clan are still unpunished and work in governmental structures. 

Earlier, Odessa branch of the social-nationalist party "Svoboda" launched a campaign against privatisation of the strategic enterprise. "The current government is considering the privatization of the OPF as a good opportunity to fill the budget. However, such their decision is just another evidence of absurdity of their economical policy. Instead of introduction of martial tax for the oligarchs, promotion of small and medium businesses the government has not found anything better then fill the budget by the sale of profitable strategic enterprises. I also note, that this decision was adopted by the government, that was recently accused of abuse of more than 7.5 billion UAH. According to the data provided by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, the plant's net profit for the first half 2015 amounted to 152 million UAH. Its workers receive a stable salary and social security. The plant funds the city infrastructure, including the Palace of Culture, the sports complex "Olympus", kindergarten, local basketball and volleyball teams as well as local sports section of wrestling, rowing, karate, boxing. Who will ensure appropriate funding of these objects if the plant will be sold?" - said the head of Odessa's "Svoboda"

According to materials of the Azov Press