"Remembering the events of February 18-19, 2014 in the center of Kyiv (this was the days the most violent and bloody battles between protesters and Berkut employees) we have to remember the efforts were made by the Western politicians to save Yanukovych's regime, we have to remember the Western emissaries, who urged Ukrainian patriots "to stop the bloodshed." We have to remember that the real struggle for the interests of Ukraine is not only a struggle against Moscow, but also against Berlin, Brussels and Washington - against those foregin forces, who want to decide the fate of our land."

Igor Zagrebelny

Prayer services and memorial actions - honouring the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes took place all over Ukraine on February 20.

In Ternopil more than 200 children wrote their letters to those who holds the sky for us now. The letters is made as white doves attached to balloons, which were released to the sky. Prior to joining much Ternopil shares. Ternopil lost its 6 citizens during the battles in Kyiv on February of 2014. One of the city's squares is named the Square of Heavenly Hundred Heroes in their honor.

In Cherson a ceremony of commemoration the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred was started at the central square, where local activists dismantled the Lenin's memorial in these days two years ago. Then, several hundred citizens marched from Central Avenue to the memory wall of heroes of the war in Donbass.

In Lviv was opened an open air gallery where young artists exhibited their paintings devoted to the events in Kyiv two years ago. In addition, a ceremonial memorial service was held on Lychakiv Cemetery, where lie 18 Lviv residents, who fell in battles on February 18-19 in Kyiv. Since the morning bells of all Lviv churches are ringing in honour of fallen heroes. In the evening local residents also held a march through the city center to honour the memory of the Heavenly Hundred.

More than five hundred residents of Dnipropetrovsk have gathered at the Square of Maidan Heroes. People came with candles and national flags to give the honor to the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred. 

In Mariupol more than three hundred citizens have also gathered near the memorial to Taras Shevchenko to commemorate the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred. 

And, of course, Kyiv residents gathered this day at the Independence Square to remember those events and to lay flowers to the memorial at the Alley of Heavenly Hundred.

Also the commemoration was held in Kharkiv near the memorial to Taras Shevchenko and in Odessa, where local activists have lit numerous lumps at the Potemkin Stairs.