Recently the Russian President Vladimir Putin urged to be "very careful" in approach to the issue of reburial of Lenin's mummy and related themes "to not take steps, which could divide our society, instead, we have to unite it ... I am, like millions of Soviet citizens, was a member of the Communist Party for almost 20 years and worked in the State Security Committee (KGB - ed.). I cannot call myself an ideological communist, but I treated to this carefully. I liked and still like communist ideas."

By noting that the modern Russian government is a successor of the USSR, Putin has noted that the modern Russian society lost its national idea as well as the modern concept of identity and worldview. Eventually it was replaced to a Soviet analogue. At the same time we observe reactualization of totalitarian hysteria, when fight against a sham "enemy" became the only motivation for supporting the regime. The state media is the main creator of the enemy's image, this can be local opposition or, for example, a neighboring states - former members of the USSR, who don't support the Kremlin's chauvinistic and cosmopolitan foreign policy.

Putin's words look especially eloquently against the background of the fact that the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of National secrecy refused to open access to the archives of secret services from 1917 to 1991, although a web-petition for declassification the archives turned over 60 000 signatures the day before. This decision applies to a significant amount of documents containing information about methods of intelligence and counterintelligence, operational activities, informers, KGB employees who participated in special operations and, especially, information about the events of 1937-38 biennium as well as many more bloodiest pages of crimes committed by the Soviet servants.

Recall Ukraine adopted a package of laws on discommunization which provide, in particular, the opening of the KGB archive. The state guarantees the right of every Ukrainian to have access to archival information of the Soviet repressive apparatus.

1978, KGB agent Vladimir Putin receives award in Soviet puppet republic of GDR

By materials of the Azov Press