On February 13 in Munich was held an international conference on security. During his speech in the conference Petro Poroshenko once again proved himself as a liberal politician. Particularly, he touched the issue of "alternative Europe based on alternative values."

From the context it became clear that under the concept of "alternative values" he means exactly native European values, such as Christianity and traditionalism. He has also reported on active campaign against "homophobia" in Ukraine. In addition, in his speech Poroshenko has called "mr. Putin" a leader of "alternative Europe."

We talked about this ambiguous speech with the head of political wing of the Right Sector Andriy Tarasenko.

- How sincere was Poroshenko in his speech?

- Well, I don't really think that Poroshenko is a fanatical liberalist, who primarily thinks of promotion of liberal ideology in Ukraine. He had said exactly what the Western leaders wanted to hear. But it's not a reason to calm down. Poroshenko not just say what they want to hear, but also do what they want to see. West puts pressure on Ukraine, it forces us to accept their pseudo-values and Poroshenko obediently does the will of the West... 

Would he continue such policy?

- I think so. He is an unprincipled huckster, who just wants to please his partners. Don't forget that last year there was a danger of adoption of amendments to the Constitution, that would enable further the introduction of so-called "gay marriage" as well as providing of criminal liability for opposition to gender ideology. However it was failed because of negative reaction of society and representatives of the Ukrainian Church. Poroshenko implements liberal policy in Ukraine. And we have to stop this process, otherwise in future we may be faced such problems as "same-sex marriages" with the right to adopt children, or annual "gay-parades" and hordes of colored immigrants, or "LGBT activists," who will impose to our children in schools and kindergartens their gender ideology. Currently Poroshenko behaves himself as a puppet. He has receives an order to provide special status for the Donbass region or satisfy some other Kremlin's demands, and he does it. He has receives an order to support the "LGBT organisations" and he does it. 

- What about the "alternative Europe" mentioned by Poroshenko and Putin's role in it?

- By the concept of "alternative Europe" we mean the true Europe, the European civilisation in its natural form. Namely Europe of white and Christian nations. This is Europe which Ukrainian nationalists are fighting for, as well as many other right  movements in the West. For example, more than a million people joined a protests in Italy couple weeks ago. People took to the streets and squares of their cities to say "No!" to "gay marriages." This is the true alternative Europe! And Putin has no relation to this! Modern Russian is an extremely degraded country in moral plane, it just cannot fight for the true European values. Putin just speculates on this issue from time to time, and no more. Ukrainian liberals often joke about so-called "spirituality" (here "spirituality" or "spiritual bonds" - a concept created by the Kremlin's propaganda machine within the artificial image of "conservative" Russian World or the Eurasian project). However, speaking of true spirituality and traditional values, we can find it all in Ukraine. Ukrainians are very religious people. For example, Russian volunteers, who moved to Ukraine were pleasantly surprised by the level of religiosity of Ukrainian people even in Central Ukraine, not to speak of Western Ukraine. The situation in Poland and Croatia is even better. In other words, the European "spiritual bonds," which liberals are afraid, are not at the east from Ukraine's border, but Central and Eastern Europe. But Russian propaganda try to distort it.

How can we confront the liberal propaganda under these conditions? After all, the media try to associate true European values with Russia.

- Our resources are limited, but we have to disclose people's eyes to the truth. For example, who are the principal Putin's partners in EU? Is that not liberals? His main partner is Angela Merkel, whom migration policy destroys Germans as a nation. Or France - Francois Hollande, a true leftist! The imposition of gender ideology was a characteristic feature of his rule. Or take a look at a closer example - Poland. Now Poles have quite patriotic and conservative government and the president. And it's good because they have anti-Kremlin position. At the same time Polish leftists are loyal to the Kremlin. And if Brussels will manage to overthrow or weaken the current Polish government, as he tries to do now, we will lose an ally.