Late in the evening of January 22 Croatian parliament voted for creation of new government. It seems that for the first time since restoring its statehood Croatia gained a Christian and conservative government, most ministers of which don't hide their Catholic beliefs.

The new government includes the Patriotic coalition, the independent list of "Most" and several parliamentarians from Milan Bandic group. Also the participants of new coalition have signed an agreement on mutual understanding, which is aimed to improve the demographic situation in the country. Particularly it provides a number of measures aimed at protecting human life from conception until its natural end.

The new Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic described by local media as a technocrat, who follows the norms of social doctrine of the Catholic Church.  

To the post of the First Vise Prime Minister was chosen the president of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Tomislav Karamarko. In times when Croatia was ruled by the Yugoslavian regime Karamarko was a member of the Croatian Catholic society "MI," whose activities was aimed to promotion of Christian values among local youth in the terms of communist dictatorship. As result the Yugoslavian authorities accused him of promotion of nationalist and Christian propaganda.

The second Vice Prime Minister - Bozo Petrov is a leader of the independent list "Most" and a former mayor of Metkovic city, where he actively cooperated with local Catholic priests.

On the post of Tourism Minister was chosen Anton Klima - a former president of the Croatian Catholic Society "MI" and a veteran of the war for independence of Croatia.

The current President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is another good example of a politician, who follows the principles of Christianity and conservatism in his policy. Note also, that Mrs. Grabar-Kitarovic is a known supporter of reformatting of Europe through the creation of the Intermarium union, which would unite states of Central and Eastern Europe on a basis of national and traditional Christian values.