The blockade of Russian trucks was started in the evening on February 11 at the entrance to Nizhni Vorota village, Volovets district.

The action was organized by local branch of the Association of Combatants of the ATO, Carpathian Sich, the veterans of Donbass and Aidar battalions, the Right Sector and the Civic Corps Azov activists.

Few days ago Poland refused to prolong its agreements with Russia regarding transit of trucks through its territory. In this connection, all Russian trucks, who supply the occupier's goods through Ukraine to the EU have changed their route. Now their route passes through Zakarpattia region to Hungary and Slovakia.

Under conditions, where local corrupt officials continue cooperate with the Russian invader, ordinary Ukrainian patriots have to take the initiative! The activists have established their roadblocks on the highway Kyiv-Chop near at the entrance to Zakarpattia region near Nyzhni Vorota village. The place of establishing the roadblock wasn't chosen by random; exactly here is a post of traffic police through which all trucks to EU are moving. Locals jokingly call this post the "Golden Gates" because of its corrupt employees, who are used to take a bribe for any cargo to abroad.

Thus, the Bearish Blockade is aimed to not just block one more Kremlin's economic flow through Ukraine, but also to destroy one more corrupt scheme, used by the internal enemy. Currently a part of the trucks turns around and headed back. Some drivers stay to see what happens next.

Yesterday was held a meeting of the blockade organizers (which include all patriotic organisations of Zakarpattia region: the Association of Combatants of the ATO "Ukrainian Brotherhood," the nationalist organisation "Carpathian Sich" as well as local branches of the Right Sector, the Civic Corps Azov, veterans of Donbass and Aidar battalions), heads of Zakarpattia regional law enforcement agencies and representatives of the State Administration. During the meeting appealed to the regional authorities with the following demands:

- to recognize Russia an aggressor country in all spheres of social and political life of Ukraine, including by ban activities of Russian business throughout Ukraine as well as stop to trade with Russia and block entry and transit for Russian cargo transport through Ukraine.

- the Governor of Zakarpattia region has to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers with the requirement to make appropriate decisions.

Currently the action was spread to Volyn and Lviv region, were local branches of patriotic organisations and ordinary citizens start to block Russian trucks. There the activists have addressed to local regional officials with similar requirements. 

“We won’t give up our positions until Russia is acknowledged as an aggressor country, is banned from placing its business on Ukrainian land, and until our authorities won’t stop trade with Russia,” the activists claim.