In London, the activists of the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) in cooperation with the British nationalists picketed the Russian Embassy to protest against the imperialist ambitions and neo-Bolshevik Russian military aggression, as well as to protest against the imprisonment of Russian nationalists who are opposed to Putin's neo-Stalinist policy. Despite the fact that thousands of Russian patriots became a victims of the Kremlin's repressions, this information is difficult to find in the media.

Recall, now more than 2000 of the Russian nationalists faced with Putin's repressive apparatus for their opposition to the Kremlin's neo-bolshevik policy. Moreover, the ethno-political movement the "Russians", which is a biggest nationalist movement in Russia was banned by Moscow's court at the government's request.  

"We are gathered here today at the Embassy of the Russian Federation to express our full support for Russian nationalists who are persecuted by neo-Bolshevik regime of Putin. 

Polish nationalists are deeply concerned that people who try to talk about the social problems of its people, their poor demographic situation, etc. are under arrest or thrown into prison, as happened during the worst years of the communist state.

Just as the Russian, Poles have experienced the Bolshevik methods of intimidation of those who have the courage to criticize the system. Today we received a statement from the Russian nationalists, which clarify the actual situation in their country, and we can not remain deaf to it, we have to talk about what an anti-Russian Putin's regime did with the Russian people. Pay attention to the statement, which was sent to us by the activists of the association "Russians."

Putin and his government are the enemies of the Russian people. During the years of Putin's rule in Russia, the state has received billions of dollars due to high oil prices. Prices for raw materials hit all the historical records. The State Administration employees are living in wealth, but it does not affect the lives of ordinary Russians. In fact, 80% of the money were stolen by Putin's friends. Nothing has been done to improve or at least maintain the quality of life of the ordinary people. Instead, we are dealing with such processes as hospital closures, increasing price for public transport, high inflation, an uncontrollable influx of immigrants, apparently ethnically motivated crimes, ethnic conflicts, poverty, bad conditions for small and medium businesses, the total collapse of infrastructure, industry and agriculture. As a result, the death rate in Russia is much higher than international standards. Russian people becoming extinct.

In its another appeal, the Russian nationalists argue that it wouldn't an exaggeration to say that Russian people are now deprived of freedom and civil rights in its own country. Free media is almost completely banned. Almost all sites with information that can irritate the authorities been blocked, the legislature is able to imprison anyone who dared to criticize the regime. Some people who have been accused of political articles are deprived of basic human rights, such as a right to participate in elections, a right to create political or public organisation, a right to have a profession. All the opposition parties were banned, free registration of political parties isn't possible, election process is violated, etc. A participant of "illegal" protest action can get a fine or be imprisoned. More than 90% of those who are persecuted for political their position are the Russian nationalists." - stated Arkadiusz Rjepinskiy, a representative of the National Rebirth of Poland