A new wave of indignation by the policy of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk rising in Ukraine's informational-political space now. 

During all time of Yatsenyuk's premiership he established himself as a populist and became very unpopular among Ukrainians. This is not surprising. The government continues to serve the interests of separate financial-political groups instead of serve the national interests, fight corruption and provide reforms, aimed to revival welfare of the Ukrainian society. This led to a significant deterioration of the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. At the time, when all patriotic Ukrainians were united in common effort to repeal of Moskovia's invasion, Yatsenyuk government publicly has demonstrated its indifference to the war; moreover, during last two years the government continued economic cooperation with the state-invader and its forces on the occupied territory. The so-called project "The Wall" proved to be a huge scam aimed at embezzlement of public funds.

Clearly, that all this time the government moved in the line with Poroshenko's policy. But it's not an excuse. The Prime Minister didn't even tried to make an attempt to move against the president's line, he just wasn't interested in this. Yatsenyuk is typical representative of current "political elites," who don't think within the criteria of national interests.  

Therefore, we emphasize the insufficiency of dismissal Arseniy Yatsenyuk from a prime ministers post, this man must be brought to justice!

In considering this situation there is two points should be clarified:

- It is naive to believe that one criminals will judge others.

- Secondly, all this information-political wave for Yatsenyuk's resignation is nothing more than just a part of struggle between oligarchic clans, one of whom tries to replace Yatsenyuk by another one, who will lobby its business interests. 

We are, the Ukrainian nationalists emphasize the fact that Ukraine will not be saved by reforms or personnel changes, but by the way of a national revolution, which will destroy the current oligarchic system and which will become a foundation for building of a system which will serve the national interests! 

 The Right Sector leadership