While the Kremlin-backed terrorists are beginning new offensive operations at Donbass, while Russia builds new air force bases in Belarus near the northern border of Ukraine, NATO continues its consistent work to reduce Ukraine's defence capability. In particular, the government still continues to fulfill the obligations for disposal of ammunition, small arms, light weapons and landmines.

This Tuesday in Kyiv the representatives of NSPA (the NATO Support Agency) presented the state of implementation of NATO Trust Fund project in Ukraine. The conference was attended by the representatives of Ukraine's Defence Ministry, NSPA and the EU delegation to Ukraine.

During the meeting its participants drew particular attention to the progress in implementation of conditions of the project of elimination of old ammunition, small arms, light weapons and anti-personnel mines of PFM-1.

According to Lt. Gen. Ihor Pavlovskyi, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, the Phase 2 of the NATO Trust Fund has established three initiatives: destruction of 366,000 Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) - 130,100 of which are destroyed, demilitarization of 73,500 tons of conventional ammunition (CA) - 19,606 tons of which are destroyed, destruction of 3.3 million PfM-1 anti-personnel landmines (APL) - 332 352 units of which are destroyed.

Recall, that aforementioned agreement, which obligates Ukraine to destroy its weapons was signed on November 32, 2005 by then president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

Is there someone, who still denies the fact that our Western partners don't want to see strong and independent Ukrainian state?