On December 10, another "festival of equality," aimed to promotion and propaganda of extreme liberalism, gender ideology and sodomy has begun in Kyiv. 

And, of course, as it was before, the patriotic youth of Kyiv didn't stood aside this problem. At the first "festival day" its guests and organisers have received a little gift in the form of a smoke bomb, which was thrown inside the festival's room. In this way Ukrainian traditionalist youth express the outrage of Ukrainian society regarding the sodomy-promotional event in the heart of their fatherland.

On the second "festival day" another group of patriotic youth came the "sodomite event" in order to explain the visitors a negative role of such events and its destructive influence on the Ukrainian society. Unfortunately, the "festival" organisers couldn't accept the truth and call police.  

Since the second part of XX century they learned to hide their sabotage behind the concepts of "liberalism, gender, tolerance, etc." Same as in many other European countries a numerous foundations been founded in Ukraine by foreign "well-wishers," who cannot accept the fact of existence a traditionalist society in Europe. Now their efforts are aimed to finish the deed of the Soviet "cultural policy," namely, to annihilate all traditionalist, cultural and spiritual roots, which the Ukrainian people have defended from Moscow's red servants of Antichrist.

Tradition is a shield of the nation!