A military-political operation on blocking of Crimea has lasted for more than two months. Now it is clear, that this is only the beginning of a long and difficult process. However, we have some good results for now:

1. The first two stages of the operation have shown 100% of its effectiveness. Trucks traffic and energy supplying to the occupied peninsula were almost stopped. 

2. The occupational "authorities" have shown its total inability cope with a humanitarian catastrophe, which befell Crimea because of break of economic relations with mainland part of Ukraine. At the same time the Kremlin is too busy with solving of its oil issues in Syria, and only occasionally shows its "concern" about the situation in Crimea.

Friend "Horvat,"
a chief of the "Right Sector"
operative staff of the blockade of Crimea
3. The Cabinet of Ministers under public pressure was forced to stop transport links to the occupied peninsula at the official level. Thus, the government has recognized not only inadequacy of its previous policy of cooperation with the occupiers, but also the effectiveness of the action, initiated by the Crimean Tatars and the "Right Sector" activists.

4. All the government's statements about the intentions to restore the energy supply to the peninsula were not implemented because of total rejection into the Ukrainian society. 

5. All the stories about that a part of Kherson region left without electricity supply in result of undermining of the pylons turned out to be a fake. There is a corresponding number of reserve power lines to compensate all losses in the region.

6. The ferry across the Kerch Strait cannot cope with trade flows so the Kremlin is forced to supply grains and vegetables to the peninsula, instead of its troops, tanks and artillery.

7. The enemy's military units in the peninsula are losing its combat capability due to lack of electricity.

8. The resonance, caused by the electricity blockade is a threat for the current Minister of Energy Volodymyr Demchishin, a member of Rinat Akhmetov's team. Demchishin, as a minister of Energy is responsible for agreements with the enemy on supplying Ukraine's energy to the occupied peninsula.

9. The results of blockade have caused a widespread discontent and disappointing in the pro-Russian "authorities" among the Crimean residents.

10. To calm the frightened and demoralized locals occupation the Crimean "authorities" resorted to outright lies, promising to carry electricity supply line from Krasnodar to Crimea via the Kerch Strait up to December 22. However, the Krasnodar region has problems with energy supply system, so if the Kremlin will pull power line to Crimea it will lead to collapse the energy system in both regions.

In addition, the advisor of interior minister Zorian Shkiryak is sure, that Russia needs 8-10 years to build energy supply system to the Crimean peninsula. According to Shkiryak, the "energy bridge" project, launched by the Kremlin doesn't brought any positive results.

"The electricity supply level was increased for 5-10%, but even now it works irregularly and only to appropriate facilities (such as Russian military bases - ed.). The majority of Crimean residents are still without electricity, they get it for two or three hours a day." - he wrote