The issue of migrants from Africa and Asia into Europe as well as a threats, which this phenomenon will bring for the European countries and its people been raised many times in recent months. The only possible way to preserve the very existence of native European people for now lies through eviction of the "malevolent visitors." However, we must try to understand the reasons why our part of the world found themselves facing the threat of complete replacement of the population in the last few decades.

Of course, we can continue to believe in the theory of a worldwide islamic conspiracy or in a secret organisation, like those, which were shown in Hollywood spy movies of 60's. The history of Europe and particularly Ukraine knows a lot of wars with islamic countries. However, first we must note that all this wars were won by Europe sooner or later; secondly, there was no case in history when a huge hordes of foreigners invaded in Europe without any resistance, or even with support of indigenous Europeans. So, the only thing we can assert is that the problem in us, not in them! But something has gone wrong, some force has started to make diversions inside the European society to make it vulnerable to invaders in future. And here we should not fall into conspirology, this force is known since the Evangelical times. Moreover, the servants of this force don't even hide their intentions regarding the future of the indigenous peoples of Europe.

Recently, these plans were revealed by George Soros, a well known promoter of extreme tolerance, radical liberalism and sodomy in Europe. So, this "outstanding philanthropist" has published the article on his website, titled "Rebuilding the asylum system," in which he calls on the EU to organise new system of "refugees" reception, moreover, in the article he has accused the liberal governments of EU members  for "selfish concentration on their own interests." According to Soros, all the measures, aimed to control the flow of migrants are "causing panic among people seeking asylum." 

The author focuses on the "refugees" from Syria, however, he noted that "other people, who seeking asylum as well as immigrants should not be forgotten." The "European" plan on resettlement of foreigners on the territory of Europe itself should be implemented under the auspices of the United Nations, according to this plan the migrant quotas must be distributed among a greater number of countries. Generally, the plan is aimed to establish global standards to address the problems of forced migration in general. In other words, all the EU member states and other European countries have to be subordinate to some international organisation (which isn't elected by the citizens of this countries), which will decide on the number of migrants must be taken by a particular country. Of course, the aforementioned oligarch doesn't cares about the fate of indigenous population of the European countries.

The George Soros offered the six-point plan of genocide of the indigenous inhabitants of Europe... oh, sorry... I mean the plan of restructuring of asylum system for refugees.

First the EU should take at least a million migrants each year in the near future, then these people must be distributed between the European countries.

In addition the EU should provide financial assistance in the amount of 15 000 € for each refugee for the first two years. In other words, the Europeans will have to maintain them. Soros also noted that it is important to place refugees in those countries where they would like to live.

Secondly, the EU should take a global effort to provide adequate funding for Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and support four million refugees living now in these countries. It will cost Europe EUR 20 million.

In third point of the article Soros has called upon to create a "unified and centralized" system of caring for the refugees instead of 28 separate local centers, which are existing in the EU now. Of course the globalist wish to centralize it and thus deprive them opportunity to make own decisions.

And finally, to integrate more than one million asylum-seekers, the EU should mobilize the private sector - NGOs, a church (after numerous attacks on churches and desecration of christian shrines by migrants) and business (new taxes can be a real problem for a small business), and force them to be a sponsors and promoters of this process. In other words, Soros calls upon the Europeans to fund the process of assimilation and replacement of indigenous people of Europe by migrants.

Frankly, after reading this article I sincerely wonder about the fact that now there is naive "crusaders" all over Europe, who are calling upon to "new crusade against islam," but turning a blind eye on the oligarch-globalist, who has another religion, and who openly does everything possible to make Europe non-European.

In the article Soros also recall about the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, an author of six-point plan, aimed to prevention of occupation of his country by foreigners. The oligarch believes that Orban's plan can lead to the collapse of the EU because it despises the principles on which the union was built, and violates its common rules.

So make your conclusions, my friends.

By the materials of Zentropa