"Avenge the death of the great knights," says the fifth point of the Decalogue of a Ukrainian nationalist.

Oleg Muzhchyl, better known as Serhiy "Lisnik" Amirov, a commander of the 1st reconnaissance division of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps "Right Sector." Lisnik (Forester) was a true warrior and a loyal son of Mother Ukraine, he lived and died as a hero! 

"A group of Russian saboteurs has been eliminated in Kyiv by the SBU" - this news is on top of this week at all main news channels and newspapers in Ukraine. Almost all of them are write and talk about "heroic actions of the security forces employees" or explosives found in his house. Some media even call Oleg Muzhchyl a Russian saboteur. However, the official version is all we have now and no one will know the truth.

Oleg got a great combat experience during the Chechen war, where he fought on Ichkeria side, after the war he was wanted by the FSB. He was one of the founders of the Tryzub them. Stepan Bandera; a technician-forester by profession; an abbot of the only active Buddhist monastery in Ukraine. There were no losses in the division he commanded during all its participation in military operations in the enemy's rear in Donbass. Oleg's reconnaissance division did a numerous ambushes against the terrorists at Donbass as well as against the Russian military groups at the border with Russia. Few months ago Lisnik left the political wing of the Right Sector because of disagreement with Dmytro Yarosh's policy regarding further revolutionary actions and own radical position on this issue.

We don't know what he really planned to do, but we can read Oleh's opinions regarding the revolution in his blog: lisnik1.blogspot.com (the article will be translated soon).

Some of us saw him as a hero and a patriot, other as a terrorist and a radical. Unfortunately, the second group is in majority, they have gladly accepted and "ate" all that pro-government mass-media gave them; but the minority remembers and it will avenge... Friend "Lisnik" joined his final battle on November 9, 2015.  

The commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps "Right Sector" Andriy Stempitskiy has commented Oleg Muzhchyl's death:

"Lisnik was an extraordinary person. We were arguing a lot about the strategy of the revolutionary movement, about the "Tryzub" and the "Right Sector," and about the damn war with Russia. We were also talked about current leaders of the nationalist movement and the secret services' influence on them. He formulated his opinion very clearly and defended his position. All this is very strange...

He was killed as a "Russian saboteur," well, according to this logic I am also a Russian agent and a saboteur because I hate Poroshenko's regime and I agree with many things that lisnik wrote... " he wrote.