Liberal Media around the world are try to create an image of conservative Putin's Russia. Although, the real situation is very different, the biggest part of Russians are so far from traditionalist and conservative thinking; numerous TV-shows on the central channels with its inherent propaganda of sexual perversions and other amoral things, as well as total impoverishment of the country's culture at all its aspects contributes to degeneration of the society's morality. In general, the same social-destructive processes as in the Western world are taking place in modern Russia now. 

A vivid illustration of this is the trial against the Russian politician Vitaly Milonov on accusations of "homophobia." It is clear that we don't want to advocate this politician, especially against the background of his anti-Ukrainian statements, however, the mentioned fact extremely eloquent: a man been judged for his opposition to the ideology of sexual perversion. 

Somewhere in Russia...
the picture shows real situation
As we see, modern Russia continue to fall into the abyss of moral degeneration. The law banning promotion of homosexuality among minors is valid only in St. Petersburg, not over all Russian Federation. Moreover, it must be noted that the law provides only administrative, not criminal responsibility. Numerous organisations, which are promoting the ideology of sexual perversion and advocating abortions continue to work in Russia. At the same time "conservative" Russia's authorities are so busy in looting and fooling its people to prevent the activities of this process.

Given the fact that modern Russia is one of the most atheistic countries in the world and increasing the number of migrants from Islamic parts of the Russian Federation to the native Russian territories the future of this country doesn't look optimistic.

Now, golden-domed Kyiv must become a true beacon of faith and culture in Eastern Europe, like a thousand years ago! This is the only way to win!

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