A patriotic march of the braves "Idu Na Vi" (I Come at You) and solemn opening of the monument to the Prince of Kievan Rus' Svyatoslav the Brave took place in Mariupol on December 20.

The activists of the Civil Corps "Azov" from all the country have came to the coastal city, which was liberated from the terrorists by the Azov regiment year ago, in order to participate the event. The "Azov" activists have loudly marched by the city center with torches, during the solemn march they burning the flares and shouting a patriotic slogans.
After the march the leader of the "Azov" movement Andriy Biletsky addressed the activists and soldiers with a festive speech: "The chronological distance between us and this monument to Svyatoslav is about 1000 years. Then we have managed to build a great state - Kievan Rus, which fell under the hordes of invaders; then our state has revived in the Kossack era and eventually it was restored, but now we met a new enemy - Russia and our future victory is yet to come."

Biletsky also noted, that the idea to create the monument to the Prince of Kievan Rus belongs to the father of one of the Azov soldiers, he is an artist and he proposed to establish the monument to the national hero instead of the idol of Lenin, which was demolished earlier. The Azov leader has also emphasized importance of the fact that the monument was created by the patriots without any help of the state, he said it makes this monument real.

Now we continues the tradition of the glorious army of Prince Svyatoslav the Brave and defends the eastern border of Ukraine. We are ready to smash any enemy to pieces!

Glory to the Nation, Death to the Enemy!

Historical background: "Idu Na Vi" (I Come at You) - it's a message Prince Svyatoslav usually send to an enemy before start a campaign against him

Source: Азов