December 3, the profanation of the trial of Andriy Medvedko continued in the Pechersky district court of Kyiv. Recall, Andriy Medvedko is a public activist, a participant of the war at Donbass and a fighter of police arbitrariness; in Summer of 2014 Andriy Medvedko, with another participant of the war at Donbass, Denis Polishchuk, were arrested in accusation of the murder of anti-Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina. Since then the patriots continue their struggle for justice.
The judge Svetlana Babenko was recently switched to Kyiv from Sverdlovsk, Luhansk region (the territory occupied by the Kremlin-backed terrorists). Now she is trying to implement the system's political order to imprison the patriots despite the fact that the prosecution still has not provided adequate evidence of the patriots' fault. Moreover, an eloquent episode took place at beginning of the court session, when after the proclamation of the slogan "Glory to Ukraine," the judge asked them to "not speak so anymore."

During the session Andriy made a statement that police exerted pressure on his bride Anastasia Yarova and friends, this was confirmed by the documents, which were found by activists in the police department at Gongadze street. Moreover, Nastya's car was robbed; the robbers have stole Andriy's personal belongings from the car.

The defence witnesses under oath confirmed that they saw the guys in the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) area on the day of Buzinas murder. Also the video evidence of forcible removal of Andriy Medvedko's DNA samples without the presence of a lawyer was presented in the courtroom. First Andriy was beaten, then he was brought to the room in handcuffs with a bag on his head. Investigators didn't introduce themselves and didn't explain to Andriy where he was and what they intended to do. Moreover, Andriy Medvedko did not give a written consent for these actions.

The main thing is that the true causes of the patriots' prosecution was announced during the court session by two soldiers of the "Mirotvorets" battalion Markian Yatsinyak and Serhiy Bondar. The activists have conducted an investigation in which it was found that in 2013 the employees of criminal intelligence carried punitive actions against the patriots by order of Yanukovych's criminal regime. The activists have found a criminal scheme of the appropriation of the apartments of lonely elderly people by senior police employees which is supervised by former Deputy Interior Minister Vasyl Pascal. Another reason for Pascal's revenge is the arrest of one of the chiefs of Donetsk's police for cooperation with Donbass terrorists by Andriy Medvedko and other participants of the "Kyiv-2" battalion, later it was found that the arrestee is Pascal's intimate friend.
Also Serhiy Bondar said about pressure from the MIA employees due to his testimonies on this case.

In result of the court session the judge-separatist Svetlana Babenko decided to extend the term of arrest for Andriy Medvedko for 2 months.

However, the prosecution doesn't provide any evidences of the activist's guilt. Such decision has caused an outrage of public activists, who came to the the courtroom to support the unjustly imprisoned patriot.

Here is the video from the court session