The OSCE mission's car and a Donbass terrorist

It became known, that the OBSE representatives organized a private conference with the participation of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The conference theme was "methods of counteraction to nationalism." The conference was attended by about 50 investigation officers from different regions of Ukraine.

This was reported by representatives of patriotic organization "Revenge," citing its own sources in law enforcement agencies on March 14.

We repeat - the OSCE, which representatives have already shamed themselves by cooperation with the Donbass terrorists, launched a course of ideological and theoretical training for Ukrainian police on effective counteraction to nationalists now! And of course, there is a connection between this "refresher course" and recent national-protective actions by Ukrainian nationalists, such as providing support to locals, who have protested against "refugee accommodation center" in Yagotin, or numerous anti-LGBT actions aimed to protection of traditional moral values, or at least numerous successful actions on disruption separatist conferences and rallies. And not to mention that biggest part of Ukrainian nationalist movement members are veterans of the war in Donbass.

It is no difficult to understand, that this event was launched within the EU international strategy, since the imposition of the ideas of radical liberalism - is an integral part of rapprochement with the EU.

Describing the EU integration process in their country the Polish nationalists were talking about same process we have faced in Ukraine for recent years. Ideologically trained police did all possible to minimize any resistance to import of extreme liberal ideology into the country (fortunately, the current Polish government has launched a reverse the process). Should be understood that the EU authorities are afraid of Ukrainian nationalists even more than the Kremlin.

To sum it up we would like to address to the employees of the Interior Ministry, who regularly read nationalist web-resources and pages of activists of Ukrainian nationalist movement. The confrontation between police and nationalists is a common and quite logical occurrence in our time. The main reason of this is the fact that there are a lot of people with clear anti-Ukrainian and pro-Moscow position are still serving in the MIA ranks despite a process of lustration, that had been launching inside law enforcement agencies before. In addition, the MIA is traditionally used by the authorities to oppress of civic protests. And now looks like despite protection of anti-Ukrainian figures who openly work for the Kremlin they are going to use law enforcement agencies to ensure promotion of extreme liberal propaganda. First you have to answer yourself following questions: do you really want your children to live in a society that builds the current government? Do you really want live in a country, where you daughter will be under constant threat to be raped by a gang of migrants? Or, maybe you wish your son to go to school, where a teacher will explain him how is good to be a gay, instead to give him good education!

Donbass terrorists are posing at the OSCE mission's car

Donbass terrorists are getting into the OSCE mission car