While the European elites have continued to secure the rights of minorities, the rights of the majority remain under great threat. 

Few days ago a Ukrainian, who have lived and worked in Czech, saved a young girl from rape. Going through the park late at night Igor suddenly heard muted cries for help, so he immediately rushed to the sound and saw the following scene - four young men of oriental appearance were holding and beating a white girl, who tried to save herself from rape. The guy was not taken aback and rushed to save the girl. During a fight one of a immigrants-rapists hit Igor by a knife, but he managed to get rid of the criminals.

Being seriously wounded Igor Sova has drove the girl to the hospital. However, because of a stabbing wound he had lost a lot of blood before they arrived to the city hospital, so Igor was hospitalized in critical condition.

Unfortunately, the latest events in Europe have shown us that the biggest part of male population in some European countries would rather be guided by so-called "common sense" (or better say a primitive instinct of self) in similar situation according to anti-masculine ideology of pacification, which is promoted throughout the EU. Even in this particular situation we can see quite different type of mind inherent for a East European man, he was defending a woman because he considered it as a direct duty instead to look for "rational motives" to not do that.

We wish Igor a speedy recovery and proud of his deed.

Source: AzovPress