On March 13, 1939 a prototype of independent Ukrainian state was founded in a small part of divided Ukrainian land. 77 years ago a spark of Ukrainian freedom-loving spirit has flashed in darkness of statelessness when Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) rose up to struggle for freedom and further unification with other Ukrainian lands.

After the proclamation of independence Europe was demanding immediate capitulation. However the Commandant Mikhailo Kolodzinsky straightly answered: "There is no place for the word "capitulation" in lexicon of a Ukrainian nationalist!" On those days a small group of soldier of Carpathian Sich was defending the fatherland from the Hungarian invasion.

The exploits of heroes of Carpathian Sich are still encourage Ukrainians for struggle.  Yesterday, a celebration of the 77th anniversary since the proclamation of independence of Carpatho Ukraine was held in the city of Uzhgorod. This day Ukrainian nationalists from Zakarpattia traditionally marched through the city center to honour the memory of the Silver Land defenders.

At 6 pm the column started its movement from the house of the "Prosvita" Ukrainian cultural organisation to the president of Carpathian Ukraine Augustin Voloshin. Then the activists have marched through the Freedom avenue to the cemetery, where the soldiers of Carpathian Sich are resting to honour the memory of the Ukrainian warriors.

Also, during the solemn march the Ukrainian nationalists announced their readiness to counteract the servants of Hungarian organisation, which do not leave their attempts to incite of artificial separatist movements in the region. We have to emphasize that representative of Hungarian national minority have also attended the march during which they expressed their support to Ukraine and Ukrainian patriotic movements!

Carpathian Ukraine became an embodiment of unbreakable spirit of Ukrainian nation and willingness to fight for its honor even in a hopeless situation. 

To sum it up, we propose you a great documentary, which talks about the history of Carpatho-Ukraine: The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939