Certainly, a transformation of a woman into a tool, which was quite useful for the Soviet heavy manufacturing within so-called "proletarization of women" was one of biggest wounds inflicted to Ukrainian nation by Moscow's bolsheviks.

The basis of traditional patriarchal family was destroyed when a so-called "soviet woman" was forcibly sent to factories, and thereby deprived of her natural vocation - to be a mother and a wife. A woman with a wrench in her hands standing at the machine tool - you could often see this image on the Soviet agitation posters of the middle of XX century. Of course, the Soviet society still considered a woman as a housewife, however, it was unreal to create traditional big Ukrainian family in realities of the time. 

Unfortunately, such destructive order of things was almost completely preserved in post-soviet Ukraine after visual gaining of independence from Moscow. We have remember that ruthless exploitation of women's work is always come in handy for the representatives of international capital as a way to maximize their profits. In terms of today's realities most of the women have to work just in order to have a means for life, and possibility of future motherhood is often considered by an employer as a problem.  Well, of course, that is a problem for any company, when an employee will suddenly leave because of pregnancy or will take a long vacation for child care.  So often a woman is regarded as an "unreliable" cog in the mechanism of labor exploitation.

Taking this into consideration we have to break the existing system through building of a national state in which a woman will be able to direct her natural potential to her family. At the same time a national state has to promote right moral values among girls since childhood. It has to support every young mother and create such system, under which a woman would resort to work outside her family only in the purposes of personal development.

Only through the revival of family traditions our Nation will regain its strength and glory!

Source: Zentropa